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We all need to replenish and take time-outs. I have previously mentioned I would be taking time-outs to replenish.

Inbetween blog posts. Will share quotes, and photos.

Replenish, and take time-outs

I will be on a break for a couple of weeks. Hope y’all have a good summer, or winter depending on the part of the world you live. Important to replenish, and take me time. If you aren’t good to yourself, and take time-outs, you may experience fatigue, burnout, or compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue link.

Leave you with a few quotes, and photos. The first quote is from Gael Garcia Bernal. Two photos taken at one of the secret gems, a park in Surrey that is often void of people. The quote with F.U. (I did mention I may use profanity). Have to keep our sense of humour. Last quote is one that my husband Michael shared with me.

Until, we meet again.


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