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What do the words, “how to mend meaningful friendships mean for us?

If you are not a direct subscriber to this blog, it means you are searching for articles on how to mend friendships.


Why do we want to mend meaningful relationships?

If we find ourselves  crying, longing for connection – we want to keep the friendship.

Are you wanting to mend or release the friendship? Read on, and let’s identify our needs.


Merriam Webster’s Dictionary Definitions



Merriam Webster’s definition for meaningful.


Merriam Webster’s definition for friendship.


Identifying our NEEDS


Identify our needs, and learn how to Mend Meaningful Friendships.


Then, we seek, and apply methods to mend meaningful friendships.


Questions to Ask Ourselves


  • Are we considering how to mend a meaningful friendship?
  • Are our hearts crying?
  • Do we miss meaningful connections?
  • Do we want this person in our lives?
  • Are we willing to take the necessary steps to mend  meaningful friendships.


If the answer is yes, then let’s mend meaningful friendships.


How we Mend  Meaningful Friendships?

We show our vulnerability.


What does this mean, showing vulnerability?


A personal example:


We are all human, and we all make mistakes.


I f*cked up BIG TIME.


Quite simply, “I screwed up.”


My Actions

My actions dissapointing, sadly more dissapointing to my friend.



How we Mend Meaningful Friendships

Communication is neccessary to  mend meaningful friendships.We need to talk.


Hurt Manifests.


Being Stubborn is a Stumbling Block when trying to Mend a Friendship.

Apologize First.

Sometimes we have to apologize first.

Even if we don’t believe we are in the wrong.

Are  our hearts crying?

If our hearts are crying then mend the friendship.


Life is too short.


Steps on How to Mend a Meaningful Friendship

  • Listen
  • Be a Dutch Uncle
  • Apologize first
  • Show your vulnerability
  • Speak the truth

Authentic Conversation

Hurt manifests when Communication breaks down.

Without authentic conversation, we may lose a dear friendship.


How we Mend Meaningful Friendships


Sometimes we need to hear harsh words. Have you heard the phrase Dutch Uncle?

The phrase ” Dutch Uncle ” is in the book The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch.


In The Last Lecture Randy refers to Dutch Uncle, “giving honest feedback.”



“The more we know, the better we do.” (LL) Christine Toda


When a friend says the words, “I am disappointed.” We need to listen.


 Listening is imperative for open communication.


Thank-you Notes

A way to build on mending friendships is to follow-up with a thank-you note.


A personal thank-you note a simple gesture with a HUGE impact.


Communication Steps to Mend a Meaningful Friendship



Listening with our hearts.

If our hearts are crying, GO, start a conversation, and “do” some mending.



Speaking our truth. This is how we show our vulnerability.


It’s Not Easy having Difficult Conversations


There is difficulty in saying our hurts to someone. More difficulty  hearing the words.


When a friend feels compelled to say something.

We should feel compelled to listen.


Make No Assumptions when Mending Friendships


Not fair to assume anything.

Some of us may not have emotional intelligence (EI), and capacity to comprehend our actions.


Acting on Mending Friendships


Thinking about how we mend friendships doesn’t achieve results.

Acting gives us results.



Help us Out, we want to have meaningful friendships

When we screw up, let us know. We can’t change what we don’t know.

If we choose to remain ignorant, and are not willing to change,  then it may be time to let go. See article on Signs it may be Time to Let  Go.

A wise friend said the words, “Go in with a blank slate, as though there were no history.”

Mend Meaningful Friendships

How to Mend Meaningful Friendships




At the hospital,” we “ were both happy to have an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation, and to mend a relationship.


I remember the last words said to me:

Chris, if I get the opportunity to live my life, I am going to live it very differently.

Sadly, a few months later, she passed.


If you are reading this article, that means you are alive!

Life is short – we only get one life.


Live it Right.


We have the opportunity to Mend Friendships that are Meaningful.

Life Lessons:

How to Mend Meaningful Friendships.

Thank-you to my friend Sylvia for the use of her photo of Sparkling Lake.

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