Meaningful Connections through Social Media?

Meaningful Connections

Connecting through Social Media

Meaningful Connections


What do these words, meaningful connections mean to you?

Celine Dion quote on Listening.


Meaningful conversations and not trivial chit chat.


Being present emotionally.

Although I am half way across the world, in distance, my friend who needs me knows I am emotionally present.


Currently he needs attentive ears…

There are Those

  • There are Those who have many people in their lives
  • Are meaningful connections happening?
  • There are Those who currently have no one they can confide in…
  • Reach out to Others
  • There are Those who are busy at being busy
  • Are we nourishing our souls?
  • Do you have meaningful connections?


Anyone, at times may feel alone. Quote on rose coloured glasses. 🌹 🥀 🌹



We need meaningful connections to thrive. Listening

There may be times when you feel a void.

Seek professional help

If you are alone, or feeling alone, and your life is spiralling out of control, and you are in a void…

Please seek professional help.




Sometimes a friend’s ears are not enough.


Meaningful Connections through social media


Can meaningful connections be obtained through social media platforms???


Ambiguous yes, and no.


One of Those people




I was “one  of those” people who didn’t do any social media.

Now, social media is essential for the growth of my blog.

The more we know, the better we do. (LL)  Christine Toda

The Blogging Journey


Continual process through learning, and absorbing information.

Ongoing thread for specific topics, such as meaningful connections.


Five Reasons Why I Chose Not to Do Social Media Before

  • Private person
  • Perception of peripheral
  • Day to day, trivial information
  • Technical challenges
  • Concerned about the effects social media has on people: jealousy, animosity


  • Now here I am  – Blogging


  • Using Social Media Platforms
  • Realizing the pros of public forums
  • Parking my judgement
  • Making Meaningful Connections



It takes time to build trusting relationships.



Love friendships that are ohhhhhhh so comfortable. The seamless conversations. Conversations that make your gut hurt from laughter.

Instaconnect and Growth

These friendships may start from an instaconnect. They need to flourish, be reciprocal, and maintained to grow.



Consider Letting Go

Throughout our lives, friends, good friends, acquaintances, co-workers will come, and go.


There may be a time when you have to consider letting go.


Relationships Change

Some are toxic.

See article signs it may be time to let go of relationships.


Need to Move On


These decisions may be difficult.

Relationships not Reciprocal?

You need to move on.


Connecting through Social Media


To share todallyinspired, and christodallyinspired information on social media.


The process

The process has been arduous, albeit, it has been gratifying, and worthwhile.


There are Those

  • There are Those who are using automated BOTS
  • Creating false illusions of real connection/and, or interest
  • There are Those  who need approval
  • Falling into the feel good high of instant “like” gratification
  • There are Those who have inspiring words that truly elevate
  • There are Those  who have lived through adversity, and are willing to share


Meeting like-minded individuals


Meeting like-minded individuals who are passionate, and living with purposeful intention.

You decide

You decide. It’s your life, it is you who has to live with you.


Meaningful Connections


It may begin as a “peripheral” connection. It takes time to build to a place where  both receive the desired mutual, reciprocal relationship.

In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends. (LL) John Churton  Collins

Through Social Media

Obtaining instant gratification when someone “likes” your post, or better when they comment?

Dopamine High

It’s a type of euphoria – chemicals released – the  dopamine high.


Our world is ever-changing.

We now have artificial intelligence, and virtual reality…

Yet it is…

Human connections

Human connection are what make for meaningful connections.


Reciprocal Joy

…laughing, loving, leaning, being, sharing, giving, receiving…


Reciprocal joy – that’s your call. Only you know what brings happiness.

One person’s joy doesn’t necessarily translate to your own.


Balance, life balance.


Putting Others First

  • By placing Others before ourselves:
  • We build trust
  • We create meaningful connections


My intent is to inspire Others.

I am the one who has been receiving inspiration.

For this, I am truly grateful.


Life Lessons: Meaningful Connections.



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