Comments to Spam or not to Spam, continued thread

Hello all,

A reminder to all of us, myself included, about the security of the internet. There has been much discussion on the news, and various media about this topical issue.

Repeating myself

Wish to repeat myself, and inform, that if I mention a link to a site in one of my blog posts. This is a reputable site that I endorse.

It may be that I am promoting a book, an author, or a product. I will only be supporting those that keep within the integrity, and purpose of this blog.

6 months in…

It has been 6 months now, and I will be starting to promote some products. Also, doing some canvassing for fundraising projects. I realize we all have charities, businesses, non-profits we support. My intent is not too seek specifically for myself or the causes I support. More so to be that conduit to show, and express how we can all continue to effect change.

Effect Change, to take Action

Each and everyone of us.


Going to post a series of comments recently received. I never link on any, unless I have searched the URLs. Again, this is for the benefit of those who have asked me about my blogging journey, and how I may be able to assist them.


One of the ways, was to show you how Spammers attach themselves to blogs. Some are looking for backlinks, hoping you will check out their sites. Be diligent, never link through a comment. If there is a company that may interest you, then do a google search, and access that way.

As you will see by reading, there are those who try to make it appear they are interested in your site.

I do apologize, as I was getting a lot of Spam, and I deleted many comments, that may have been legitimate. If I haven’t responded to a specific comment, and there is something that you wish me to address, please kindly resubmit.

Thanks for the real feedback! It is appreciated.

Still, so much to learn.

Haven’t todally decided which direction this blog, or my writing is going. The Repeating Word post had some serendipitous aha moments.

Love the quote, “The journey is the destination.” (WW) Similarily quoted by many.

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2 thoughts on “Comments to Spam or not to Spam, continued thread

  1. Vanessa McLaughlin

    I am sure that those who read your blog really appreciate your diligence in regards to checking out links etc. I’m absolutely clueless in this regard so your writings have made me more aware and I want to learn more. Thanks.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Vanessa,
      I am a part time blogger, it is not my livelihood, yet there is much research. Am learning lots, and the journey has been very rewarding. Thanks for your input.

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