Keto Recipes: Cloud Bread by Fat For Weight Loss

Keto Recipe:

Found this recipe @

Happy 🤗 to have found this site on Pinterest. So many workable ideas, am saving to my site todallyinspired.

Tried and True Recipes

Keto Baker Aaron has “tried and true” recipes. Worth a look, and listen, either as a readable recipe or watch his videos.

Being a foodie, creative cook, and lover and keeper of recipe ideas all my life – was elated to find FatforWeightLoss.

Years of Experimenting with Recipes

Years of experimenting, gives me an advantage when I first see a recipe. I am able to ascertain if it is “at least” workable.

Fortunate to have been trained byMaster Chef

Also, was very fortunate to have been trained by a true Master Chef in my early years. A man who at one time trained Canada’s Culinary Olympic Chefs, was the  Executive Chef responsible for overseeing 300 chefs for Expo 86. Also overseeing the Calgary Winter Olympics.

His culinary expertise was evident. He decided to spend some time giving back, and working with students. I was one of those fortunate students.

What he taught me, stayed with me my entire life. The basics, the ability to improvise, and to “see” how ingredients work together.

Some Recipes are Epic Fails

Sometimes there are recipes that are an epic fail, before being created. My heart goes out to those, who will diligently follow a recipe, only, to create a recipe that was not sound from the get go.

Aaron’s Recipes Work

Aaron’s recipe for Cloud bread works. It is simple,  a simply delicious recipe. An adaptable recipe. He mentions he wishes he  who knew who originally created it so he could give his thanks. Same for me, whoever you are, your creation is appreciated.

Referring to epic disasters. Once there was a recipe which had a typo. It was for Yakitori chicken. Yakitori translated, means to broil. In the recipe it stated to boil the chicken on the skewer for x amount of time.

Being a visual learner, I imagined a “newbie” cook, not knowing the translation of Yakitori, standing over a pot of boiling water.

With this Cloud Bread recipe. Will use the recipe as is then will start being creative and change it up.

Once you try this recipe, please share your adaptations.

After I found the Cloud Bread recipe, I then checked out FatforWeightLoss on Instagram, and have found more recipes.

Foodie Haven

OOhhhh, so looking forward to trying more recipes. Next is the almond keto brownies. I literally had to remove myself after checking the site, as it was a foodies haven. Some friends have started trying the recipes too!

Love food, and being creative. Cooking and baking are another way to “express” your artistic endeavours.

Learning Keto Recipes

Being curious, and having a love for learning. This is why I started to explore Keto. Everything in life should be adaptable. Adapting to your needs, and creativity.

Aaron’s recipes are clear, easy to follow, and simple.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more Keto recipes once I too try them, and then share them. Will also share my adaptations.

Have fun.

Tried and True Recipes




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