Exceptional Customer Service, and Why we should write Thank-you Letters

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Customer Service, and why we should make the time to follow-up, with our gratitude.

Showing gratitude:

  • Write a thank-you note
  • Mention, your sincere thanks to the customer representative that gave you exceptional service
  • Follow-up, with a letter of appreciation to Management
  • Tell your friends, family of the good service received
  • Acknowledge people privately, or publically
  • Give a shout out to the company
  • Make time to express your thanks


Why should we express our gratitude?


  • It is the “right” thing to do
  • Simple kindnesses should be part of everyday
  • The person on the receiving end who gave exceptional customer service deserves acknowledgement
  • A kind word, makes someone “happy”. What hormone is released when a person is happy?

“Responsible for this are biochemical processes and the release of so-called happiness hormones. The most popular ones are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.” I found this quote @


There are some who believe that someone in a customer service position need not be acknowledged as “that is their job.”

Yes,  service is “their job” yet there are times, when people go above and beyond. We have all experienced those who have helped us in extraordinary capacities.

Perhaps, we especially remember the times when we have been at our lowest points, when a compassionate person may have gone out of their way to help us.

Many of these people may be in the medical field, where there is heightened awareness.

Those who work up front in jobs that deal with customer complaints may not readily receive acknowledgments due to their capacity.

Does this make it so that they are less deserving?

I don’t believe so. It really can make a difference to someone in many tangible or more importantly intangible ways.

After receiving Exceptional Customer Service

In January, after receiving exceptional customer service on our Carnival cruise. I followed up with a thank-you letter to the individual, and correspondence to the cruise lines Management.

When a follow-up email  was received from the cruise lines president. I knew, the thank-you makes a difference.

(See previous post on the Art of the thank-you note.)

Since then, there have been a few articles that have been written in newspapers indicating that mentioning a cruise member by name, and their excellent customer service does make a difference.

Privileges Received

These individuals may get wifi privileges. If you have been on a cruise, you realize this is a perk. Also, their names may be noted for further promotions.

You might not write the thank-you note or letter. It could be a verbal acknowledgment or a survey on line, or a customer card that you complete.

Recent Exceptional Customer Service

Received from a customer service representative from Air Canada.


  • *Sylvie (S.L.) New Brunswick
  • 22 years service
  • Sense of humour
  • Calm demeanour
  • Best route for me, with her experience
  • Listening to my needs
  • Spent the time making a connection
  • Made a flight cancellation due to weather conditions into an experience, a positive one
  • Explained process of rebooking clear
  • Went over seat selection, what the different rows offered
  • Made a situation that may have been very stressful for some, less stressful
  • Asked me specifically if I “needed” to be at my destination for a certain time
  • Trying to ascertain the importance, and priority for rescheduling. *As we may all think it is our right to be on the next flight yet she needed to know if we were flying for an emergent situation. She was using emotional intelligence while communicating, and being fair.
  • Friendly
  • Personable
  • Encouraging
  • Funny
  • Informed that because of the cancellation due to weather, we could seek an extension for our return flight


Mo and Sam very helpful in getting me a refund even though I had “gotten a deal” and it clearly stated non-refundable.

I initially contacted the hotel, and the clerk explained to me that he could do nothing on his end, as I had booked through a third party.

I understood this, and through conversation I asked if someone I knew in New York could use the hotel room, as my flight(s) had been cancelled due to a major snowstorm.

The hotel was willing to accept this arrangement. The clerk was helpful, letting me know I should contact the third party which I did. So thank-you Best Western Plus LaGuardia Airport Hotel!

It was then that I made contact with Expedia, and “they expedited” the process of refunding me the full amount of my pre-booked, non refundable booking.

So, shout out to Expedia!

Observing Kindness

We observed how “giving exceptional customer service” was awarded. We were in a local business, and Divya was given a bouquet of beautiful flowers from a customer.

Everyone present received the ripple effect of this gesture, this kindness. The recipient, the giver, the strangers.


It made our hearts smile. Made me “think” about what kindnesses I may pay forward.

It is the little kindnesses that add up, one kindness at a time.

Fed Ex

Expecting a package, missed the driver two separate dates. Our condo buzzer not working. Called Fed Ex, customer service rep Ray, Vancouver office 2018/05/01, 1110 a.m. gave exceptional service. Clear communication. Polite. Affable. Engaging. Willingness to help.

Received a call from Fed Ex advising when parcel would be dropped off. Appreciate the chain of communication. Package received. Happy customer.

Shout out to Fed Ex!

Next time you Receive Extraordinary Service, what will you do?

Let me know, if you recently received same. I will be your conduit, and share thanks on my social media platforms.

After I publish the article, will contact, Air Canada, Expedia,  The Best Western, Fed Ex all of whom have what is known as “Direct Messaging” on Twitter.

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