Dreams: When your dreams become your reality or is it the other way?


My dreams of late seem so real, so much so that I can’t believe they were dreams?

Logging Dreams

Recently have been “logging” dreams. Why? I read a book by Robert Moss, *The Three Only Things.” Discuss book on another post.

Do you dream?

Do you dream in colour?

Do you remember your dreams?


I dream in colour. I don’t always remember so I experimented and “trained” myself to wake up, and immediately “log” my dreams.

For myself, if I don’t write my dreams immediately. Zero recollection later.

Why? Why was I logging dreams?

Because, I am curious as to what my dreams may reveal. Sure, they may be relevant to what happened during your day, or an upcoming event.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. Henry David Thoreau


Dreams are subjective, and open to interpretation. I did it for fun, not to psychoanalyze.

My dreams are sometimes very weird, then “Dreams imitate life or life imitates dreams.” (W) Christine Toda


There are some cultures where dreams have significant meaning. In an article by LiveScience.com “Most people Believe Dreams are Meaningful.”


If you haven’t already figured out that I am “not normal”. This article will solidify that I am indeed, quirky, and a thinker outside the box.

Be who you are, embrace your uniqueness. Silence the nay sayers. It is you who has to live with “you.”

My dreams:

I once dreamt of a man who had a special ability. He was able to take 5 different markers in the same hand, and simultaneously write in 5 languages.


I am proficient in zero languages! Haha!


Would like to be proficient in Spanish, French, Romanian, Japanese.

To have a basic understanding of Arabic, and Bulgarian.

I have studied languages, and can understand a few – speaking is a different matter.

At one time I was able to use American Sign Language. With anything, you don’t use it, you lose it.

Once, on a holiday with my sister-in-law Linda I observed her speaking Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English as though she were a native speaker in all languages.

It was beautiful to see “the connection” to others through the ability to communicate. It was also “fun” when she used some slang…the expression on these guys faces was priceless.

Must see the humour in my dreams. The ability to laugh at ourselves…

I woke up…all I remember is someone asking, “Are you educated?” My answer was a resounding, “No.”

The word “life” was floating around in neon colours:

  • pink
  • orange
  • green
  • violet

Now I know why I am drawn to psychologists and psychiatrists,🤗

Another Dream

I woke up from my dream, “Winner will win a 10 minute tightrope session.”

Knock Knock Knock

It seemed so real, knock, knock, knock. Was it real? Early, 630 a.m. We live in a condo.

Knocking seemed as though it was coming through the walls.

Fell back to sleep.

Knocking again. This time someone there. Didn’t recognize the face – gentle demeanour, whimsical smile, strawberry hair. He was wearing a blue checkered shirt, red boots.

A friend half way across the world in Romania dreamt of a person with strawberry hair. Coincidence? Significance?

What do I see?

Buses, opaque green bathing suits, androgynous males, colour sepia, mesh bikini’s, red tipped flamingos, olive green.

Coincidence? My friend, same one who dreamt of the strawberry hair, is honing his sketches, and using me as a guinea pig, and I keep coming out androgynous, actually more male in appearance. Ahhh, must keep our sense of humour!

Green is repeated lots.

Once I dreamed about an armadillo.

Nettle Cakes

I loved this dream, as never would I have imagined on my own to make a cake out of nettles. In my dream, I was steaming nettles, and I created a beautiful Nettle cake, with lime icing.

Now I need to forage for them, and make that cake.

Other dreams are too personal.

Sharing some, as a topic for discussion. So curious, really want to know what you dream about?

Do you dream?

Do you dream in colour?

Do you remember your dreams?

Are my articles “way too out there?”

Need you to talk to me, guide me.

Realized, as I was trying to narrow my niche. That what I enjoy is “storytelling.”

Therefore between the “need to talk about” topics, I will share stories to entertain you. If not, at least I am entertaining myself….ooops it’s not “supposed to be all about me.”





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2 thoughts on “Dreams: When your dreams become your reality or is it the other way?

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Vanessa,
      So you remember your dreams without having to log them, amazing! My memory is, well, what memory!

      Then are dreams reminiscent of reality, if yours don’t make sense? Just kidding, I would love your brain…I remember never winning at scrabble….

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