Book Summary: This is How It Always Is, author Laurie Frankel

Book Summary on must reads.

This is How It Always Is, author, Laurie Frankel.

Throughout my life, books that are meant to inspire have a way of “magically” falling off a library shelf, or seemingly appearing…


This is serendipity, a sign indicating a book worth reading.

How could I ignore this beautiful creamsicle 🍊 book?

At the time the “should read me book” fell off the shelf… it’s weird I know, but I smelled oranges.

The excerpt of the books jacket cover caught my immediate attention:

This is Claude. He’s five years old, the youngest of five brothers, and loves wearing a dress, and dreams of being a princess. Laurie Frankel, author, This is How It Always Is.

I knew this book was meant for my eyes. As the day before I had a conversation with a friend. She had confided in me, that her granddaughter would be transitioning.

For me, I needed/wanted to know more.

“The more we know, the better we do.” (LL) Christine Toda

Recently saw the movie Pariah on a flight back from New York. Movie about a teenager living in Brooklyn, a lesbian who is “quietly embracing her identity.”

There was a quote from the movie that resonated:

“God doesn’t make mistakes.” 

A book that grabs your attention from the “Get Go”. That’s what I felt with the characters in Laurie Frankel’s book, This is How It Always Is. These characters grip at your 💓.

This book is fiction. Writers draw from what they know; their reality. Makes for a “real” story.

Profanity and its sometime benefits

There are some excerpts in this book that emphasise the “F” word. Recently have discovered various articles that have stressed the benefits of profanity in certain capacities.

See page 417 in the book, F***


I have to share that this word is a levidrome. A word coined by Levi Budd, from Victoria, B.C. (6 years old at the time)…time-emit.


A word when spelled backwards, turns into a different yet valid English word.

Evokes emotion


This book is real, it evokes your emotions. How you are able to enjoy the read, learn. A book that “makes you think.”

A win-win if we read a fiction book that enlightens, provides direction, creates curiosity, sparks possibility.

A book that inspires you to take action.

To build better, welcoming communities.

Do you want to live in a world that is welcoming to all?

I do.

Knowing that I am unique, and have never been of the “norm”. This is How It Always Is gives into hope.

How little changes can, and do make a difference.

A world of change makers, forward thinkers. An inclusive world, is a world I want to live in.

Not giving anything away. My desire as the conduit of sharing pivotal information, is that you read this book.


  • A descriptive read, an engaging storyline
  • Characters that draw you into the book
  • Educational
  • Relevant
  • Delightful

Since it was my friend, who is a grandma with a loving relationship with her grandkids. I especially loved the relationship in the book with Poppy, and her grandmother.

When we are able to openly discuss the topics many find difficult. Then these conversations become the “norm.”

My friend has recently shared some of the other platforms she has been seeking so that she may know more.

She has a strong Christian faith. I am happy that she is thinking of actionable things she can present to her church, such as appropriate bathrooms.

We need all of us. Regardless if we are in a political arena, a social media capacity, or simply in a community; we have to discuss, educate, and act.

Best books

The best books are the ones that you enjoy reading. You find yourself relating to the characters. You laugh, you cry. You can’t believe it is fiction.

Books that give you a “take-away.”

Quotes with meaning, love them, keeper of same for years.

Freudian slips are when you accidentally say what you actually mean rather than what you’re pretending to mean.


It’s not your life; it’s hers.

Made up is the most powerful real there is.

Everyone is someone.

I cannot know how I know.

Quotes by Laurie Frankel, author, This is How It Always Is.

Many more quotable words in this book. Don’t want to give away too much. I prefer to find out on my own…hope you do as well.

This book made me laugh. It tore at my heart. It made me want to share with Others.

It really made me think.

Think about how Other countries, such as Thailand, have a different “norm”. Where we can learn by observation.

Other countries, such as Sweden, are “doing” amazing things to build community. Separate articles forthcoming. I can see why Sweden is always high when happiness and quality of living surveys are completed.

Have you heard of a Hamlet fish? Fascinating, Carribean Hamlets. Google as I did after learning from Laurie’s book.

Wider ranges of normal make the world a better place for everyone. Laurie Frankel, author, This is How It Always Is.

Loved your need to read book, the messaging. Thank-you Laurie for bringing me into your descriptive world. For sharing your heart, and your talent with all of us who long to make this world a better place.

With gratitude,

Christine Toda

Book summary.


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