T.A.P.: Technology, Advertisements, Podcasts

T .A.P.:

Acronym for: Technology, Advertising, and Podcasting.

3 things that I have been exploring, and considering as this blogging journey continues.

It will be my 6 month milestone. How time flies.

There is continual information to learn, absorb, and apply.

What I am finding, is that it is a work in progress. There are many who say you should find a niche market, especially if your desires are to monetize.

After much consideration, there came the realization, the question I ask myself.

Why blog?

My answer still remains the same. A desire to be “that conduit” of information. To relay, to discuss topics, that are hopefully informative, and help.

Even if only one person, then, it will have been worthwhile.

The common threads repeat.

I truly believe in being grateful. That one single kindness can and does shape the world around you.

If we all learn even one new thing that may have an impact on someone’s well-being, and we bring this information forward, and share it. Then we have all contributed to a “better world.”

Life is precious. None of us knows what tommorrow will bring. You have to experience the joys as they present themselves.

We don’t have control over the sometimes horrific events that occur.

Those of us in Canada have been witness to such sad events as of recent. Where people’s lives have been changed in an instant. #Humboldt Strong.

We as individuals, as a community, as a country grieve for all of those effected.

We can not know what those directly impacted are experiencing, we can only do, and act with empathy. Some reaching out with monetary contributions, others reaching, and making us aware of the “human factor”, and helping us to let others know they do not stand alone.

So as an inspirational blogger, one of many, many bloggers out there. I want to “contribute”, and do my part in shaping a kind, connected world where we work together to make a difference.

Why T.A.P.?

As it is the three things that my blog is leaning towards.

Still consider myself a “newbie”. I blog because I love to share stories. It is not my means of income. I do not blog full time yet considerable thought, and effort goes into what is shared.


It is true, I have come a long way from when I started this blog. A reminder that I didn’t own a smartphone, nor have internet. Actually, I currently don’t own a computer either. I blog from my android phone or iPad.

Some things still intimidate me.

I have yet to do any analytics, it is something to consider. As I do need to know who my target audience is, how much traffic is happening.

With technology, comes the social platforms. I am currently using Twitter. Recently decided to start posting on Instagram.

As for Facebook….well…not sure about this platform. Although, there are support groups for bloggers. Still don’t have the courage to “join in”. Yet I gave myself, 6 months, therefore will brave this avenue.

Why did the chicken….

Also, on Pinterest, and may sign up for some other blogging platforms.

The journey has been amazing, and for those of you who have reached out for my assistance. I say “Go for it”. Do what you love, blog about your passions.

There are the pros and cons to social media. I see them as a way to get information out to the masses.

Through social media I have connected with some amazing, awe-inspiring people.

Then, realistically I know some of the contacts are peripheral. Others wanting to connect for their social media platforms.

I get this, as it is part of the reason I too make those connections.

As with anything, you decide what is important in your life. Ultimately, you make the decisions on whom you want in or not.

Technology is a wonderful invention, ongoing, and growing faster than imaginable. Also, it has it’s downfalls. We must remember that “balance”.

Understand what is real, and not let social media platforms define us.

I must ask for your patience as I continue to muddle my way through the technical aspects. As some of you may have noticed, recently, it was a learning experience adding new sliders.

Those on the mailing list would have recieved updates when changes were made.

Thanks  for your patience and understanding. Thanks to Em for continually helping me.

Regarding technology; must give myself words of encouragement, and stop doubting my ability. As there have been a few technical things, where I surprised myself. Was able to do them on my own…then remembering how I did it…well…


Time for me to ponder advertising, and which way I may do this.

For me, it is important that any advertising is within the parameters of what this blog is all about.

There will be no room for compromise.

Admittedly I am excited about a few products, and am hoping the companies I may contact will allow for me to advertise.

This is a new curve, and still much “food for thought.” Yes, the foodie in me, the first ideas for advertising were food related. I got so excited when I found a product, made in Canada. Oh heck, gonna share the product name with you now.

It is a product made in Canada called

*Fee Fi Fo Flax Milled Golden Roasted Flax. Many other products!

I am going to contact this company. Absolutely love their product. Would love to work with them, and create some recipes.

As well, after much thought about advertisers. There are more companies I am wanting to promote.

Then, there are companies that I would like to strike a deal with, such as some pen, and journal companies. As I am old school, and have gone through numerous pens, and journal books. Willing to be a guinea pig, and try out same.

Advertising list is endless

Of course, the list is endless when it comes to advertising as I sit here with a clay mask on. Wouldn’t that be awesome to try out different products!

I get so excited when I find a new product or a product that is new to me. I want to share them with you.

As for my love of Trader Joe’s products. It is simply because I love that store. I have zero affiliation with them. Only a “happy customer” wanting to express my gratitude to them for sourcing out exceptional products from around the world.

Trader Joe’s is definitely one of “our happy places.”

Do any of you, have exceptional products you are in love with…that you are willing to share? Oh, please do so.


Hmmm, this is something I never would have imagined myself doing.

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine. (LL)

Alan Turing, computer scientist

Therefore; as Emily Dickenson said, “Dwell in Possibility.” (LL)

This is a part of my journey that terrifies me. I always mentioned when I held my position at The Vancouver Police Department, that showing our vulnerability is a strength.

So I will be true to my own words.

This will be a challenge. As:

I truly don’t like the sound of my own voice.

Have no idea on how to approach this – yet.

Must learn about another social media platform, You Tube.

Another challenge, yippee.

After more research. Oh, I love to read, and research, yet now have about twenty lifetimes of reading material. Not kidding.

Will start slow, after all the turtle won the race.

Going to do a few quotes in audio mode. After listening to an amazing podcast I know I will, at this time, share some audio readings, and leave the podcasting to others.  Have discovered some awe-inspiring, jaw dropping people whom we can all benefit from by listening to their podcasts. Will dedicate posts to specific world changing thinkers. Stay tuned…

Then really show my vulnerability and share a story.

A true story that shaped who I am, and gave me my first perspective on human kindness, listening, and how our actions may have life changing effects on another human being.

That we may never know..

I was blessed to be in the know. 18 years of age and had an event that left a profound impact, and give me direction.

Our actions, words, kindnesses do make a difference. Always believe, know that we have the ability to steer, even without knowing.

All lives matter.


Technology, Advertising, Podcasting.

Go out and make a contribution, albeit it small or large, it will have ripple effects. Perhaps a life changing ripple effect.

Would love to share a story from a reader who has found themselves in such a position.

Would share it on this blog platform.

With gratitude,

Christine Toda…little minnow in a big sea, trying to create those ripples.

Life Lesson.

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