Do coincidences happen to you? On occasion? All the time? Do you notice them? Do you care?

I believe coincidences happen for a reason. Perhaps, they are there to guide us, support us, or in some situations are telling us more.

Sometimes, they may be for amusement.

Laughter good for the soul

Laughter is good for the soul, and when we are “aware” of coincidences; they may provide a private chuckle.

Yet, when you look at some of the previous posts, some of life’s mysterious coincidences, are far fetched.

Here are a few that happened recently.

We were in the process of having our gas fireplace maintained. Our technician Jafar, had cleaned the fireplace, and we had made an appointment for further servicing the following week.

We agreed on a 5 p.m. call. Knowing the appointment time, I was able to schedule the rest of my day. Went to my “happy” place, the library sans cellphone.

Arrived home at 3 p.m. to see Jafar in visitor’s parking. Ahh, he had only arrived a few seconds before I showed up. Taking a chance to see if we were home.

A lucky coincidence.

Jafar works for Best Way Heating. Great service. Important to keep your gas fireplace maintained. There is much info on line re carbon monoxide poisoning.


2nd coincidence

We had changed our internet provider, months previously. Had overpaid, and had a credit owing.

We also had cables to return. This bill was in my name, so when Mike returned the cables, he was told I would have to come in for the refund.

A few months passed. I knew there was a credit, yet, the sometimes procrastinator in me, hadn’t made it into the office. I figured it was about time.

We get very little mail, so sometimes don’t find it necessary to check our mail (live in a condo) daily. Rather, weekly suffices.

“That day” before we headed to the cable office. I decided to check the mail, and voila…. “cheque was in the mail.”

Time saved, another coincidence.

Love coincidences.

This was one of those simple word coincidences, that happen to all of us, right? Check separate post on repeating words. (I do believe the universe was/is giving direction with the repeating words).

Am now wondering what unique experience is next. Will repost some of my “out there” happenings.

What I am observing is my husband Michael is seemingly getting more of “my” occurrences. Perhaps, he needs them more than me now…

Anyways, duct tape, and as I was mentioning…the 3rd coincidence.

3rd coincidence, we were watching a movie when a friend texted, same time he typed “wedding”, movie mentioned wedding. What is really bizarre is at that exact moment…

My mind had drifted and I was thinking of our niece Emily’s wedding!

When someone is thinking of you. Is it coincidence or cosmic connection?

Received a text from a friend in Cyprus. She lives in Nicosia. She said she was “thinking” of me. Time flies, and she had lost track as her mom was visiting from Iran.

I was “treating” myself to a fave breakkie at a place where I knew they would have this “local” coffee newsletter…

First story, I read, was about a place in Nicosia: (Been reading the Coffee News for years, first article I have seen on Cyprus).

Coincidence? Perhaps. Happy moment, definitely. Please see my article on The Fly Me to the Moon post. Hysterical.

Have yet to learn how to do an anchor link with words…one day.


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