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New York Series:

Experience watching our friend perform at the Lincoln Center.

Our good friend Nancy, recently had the opportunity to perform at the Lincoln Center. She was part of Total Vocal, DCINY.

When she first told us, as her long time friends, we were thrilled for her. It is an honour to have an opportunity to perform at a prestigious performing arts center.

Any reason to visit New York

It also gave us a good reason to visit one of our favourite cities.

Lions Gate Chorus

Nancy is part of Lions Gate, a cappella chorus. We have enjoyed numerous concerts.

Lions Gate competed in October, 2017 in Las Vegas, Sweet Adelines World Competition, and placed 2nd. They were voted Audience Favourite.

More than a concert, it was an experience

For us, it was more than a concert, it was an “experience.” I cannot imagine what it must have been like for Nancy, that is why I asked her for her thoughts.

Nancy’s comments are in this post, will be displayed in block quotes.


Her performance, brought connection, gave some of us reason to gather in New York.

Deke Sharon

The organizer of the event, Deke Sharon, has a motto: “Harmony through Harmony.”

Nancy was explaining to us, how amazing Deke was to work with, and how he brought a certain energy. That he was the type of person who was encouraging to all. Regardless, if you were the lead performer or not.

To know more

He made me want to know “more about him.” There is much on the net. He is accomplished; involved in numerous projects, including charitable organizations, concerts, movies, and tv shows.

Heart, soul, hopes

What grasped at my heart, is his hopes through a cappella, to have people connect.

Connection is a big part of why I blog. To have people understand what it takes to make meaningful connections.

Purpose and Joy

How we may all have a fuller life with purpose and joy.

If you are ever in the presence of someone such as Deke, and you don’t “feel it”. Then I am afraid, you may have already checked out.

Nancy is the type of person who exudes positivity. She gets more out of this life, as she “gives” without expectation.

The Key

This is the key to happiness. Giving, and receiving gratitude.

Nancy was one of 525 performers that day. It was evident, reciprocal joy…*Sh*t so into writing, I missed my stop! Oh well, alternate route. No I am not texting and driving! On SkyTrain.

…reciprocal joy:

“Those who give, receive.” (G) Author unknown.

Nancy performed, and was supported by friends. Her chorus mate Sue, stayed for some adventure in New York. We had fun times, laughed alot.

Nancy’s dear life long friend had a conference in Washington DC, so the dates coincided perfectly. They have been friends since they were teenagers. To watch them interact, you see their special relationship. That is connection.

7 gals and a guy, (separate post).

Because of Nancy

We gathered because of Nancy, from various parts of the world: British Columbia and Alberta (from Canada), Hong Kong, and Italy.

To see Nancy, clear and present, center stage. Having the time of her life, one could not help receive joy. The energy level was through the roof.

Truly, permanent grin. Everyone having an incredible time. The event was live streamed on Facebook.

You could feel the “love” from organizer, conductor Deke Sharon. He admits to being cornball, and quirky.

Being quirky myself, found him relatable. His passion, and enthusiasm for music, and bringing people together, was evident.

2800 people in attendance, sold out performance. Add the 525 people that took turns on stage, and you get a concert that will linger in one’s mind, soul, and heart forever.


It’s what we do for our friend’s. We support each other. What we receive back is priceless. I want, I choose to be around individuals who “add” to my life.

Let yourselves do the same. The health benefits of being happy are scientifically backed up.

When Deke would add his humour, there were always underlying truths.

Those who are not afraid to mention current affairs, or bring light to present world conditions.

Love those who are strong in their conviction. It was noted when he made reference to Shemesh Quartet (from Mexico), and how he was going to bring them back until there was a wall preventing him doing so.


Thank-you Nancy, for being our friend. You are kind, funny, and talented.

Looking forward to posting your art photos of doors on the blog sliders (in their full glory, after technical aspects figured out)

We wouldn’t have considered New York at this time if it hadn’t been for your concert.

Being there made us realize how much we love this electrifying city. That has something to offer everyone:

  • Food
  • Culture
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • History
  • People
  • Museums
  • Art

Love, love this city.

Love, love, loved your concert.

Nancy’s words on her experience performing at the Lincoln Center:


WOW, what an experience of a lifetime…performing in the David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center in New York…singing a cappella in an ensemble of 525 singers from 9 countries…under the direction of Deke Sharon…to a SOLD OUT audience of 2800! It started with 3 months of hard work learning and memorizing 9 songs that were not easy to learn. Worrying about flying to New York in time, with a snowstorm forecasted and many, many flights cancelled. Deke Sharon is a wonderful, approachable and inspiring director who put us at ease and encouraged us to sing with freedom and fun. I had so much fun and my friends in the audience told me they could see it in my performance. David Geffen Hall was very impressive and daunting, but I felt totally comfortable and joyous. I am extremely fortunate and appreciative that friends from Surrey, Calgary, Hong Kong and Italy travelled to New York and were in the audience to support me. Thank-you so much! This was an experience I shall not forget.


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