Follow-up to Come Play with me…

Come Play with me, What do you see post. F/U post…profanity post later!

Thanks to those who participated.

The two comments on the blog, both individuals stated they saw a rabbit.

I had one person mention, they thought it was something on the wall. They chose to not elaborate further, mentioning:

different people will see different things. when it is not clear, our mind will complete the picture based on our past experiences.

Someone else stated:

I asked my kids what they think of the photo …you know what they said … they thought it’s a road kill. They thought it’s some sort of an animal that was run over… Sorry, but this was before they knew it was an art. They thought it was just a photo.


Love the honesty.

Now, I did mention, I created this art. I didn’t say I “painted” it. Curious as to what others “see”.

I especially liked the following comment:

Or a rabbit throwing up or poisoned .. It’s that foam in the mouth…

This was an exercise on perspective, engagement, observation.


I am one of those individuals that birds seem to want to sh*t on. Have heard it is supposed to be good luck, so I will go with that.

I cannot recall, all the times I have been the recipient of this “good luck” event.

Here are the most memorable:

Was walking in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC. A bird “plopped” on me. “Luckily, I had another blazer in the office. Went back, changed, went out again…and yup, another or maybe the same bird “got” me again.

Really? Should look at the odds of this.

Perhaps, my most fortunate “bird drop” was the time I was enjoying my yogurt.

Sitting outside, on a bench, beautiful, sunny day. Reading a book, on a break, at work.

Perfect timing, as my eyes went from the book to the yogurt, and at this exact time I saw the sh*t drop into my yogurt.

It completely submerged. Had I not been looking….

Back to What do you See?

I was walking in my neighbourhood, when a bird missed me, yeah!

Looking down on the pavement, I saw the sh*t, and I thought, hmmmm, it looks like art!


This was my perspective. That is why I loved the “roadkill” observation.

Perhaps, to some they don’t see anything.

I love Camille Pissarro’s quote:

‘Everything is beautiful, all that matters is to be able to interpret.’ (A)

I saw a fox with a rabbit inside it’s face.

Thanks everyone!

NB…word count was 401 when I stopped writing, that is a major highway in Canada!


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