7 Gals and a Guy, article on Listening, Guest Writer, Michael Matwick

Story on listening, observation, and wine.

What happens when you get a guy together with 7 gals?

Has anyone seen my ears?

Seems some of us forget we have ears, then we forget we heard anything in the first place.

I swear (oh yeah, post on benefits of profanity, separate post forthcoming).

Honestly swear never heard Mike’s comment that he “knew” the directions. Got caught up in the anticipation.

Blame it on the wine

Blaming it on the wine and “whining” that I didn’t say I knew the directions. Completely oblivious, then those of you who know me or are getting to know me are starting to see this.

Perfect combination, great meal and laughter.

We were all having a great meal, with gut-wrenching conversation. Our minds were otherwise engaged.

Thank-you Mike for your “perspective” and thoughts.

After having a wonderful dinner at Shalom-Japan in the South Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, the ladies decided they would like to hear some live jazz.

My wife Christine asked me, “Mike do you remember where that place we went to before was?” I said, “Yes, at the end of this street we are on, you hang a left and follow the subway tracks for a block or so and there it is.”

It can’t be any easier than that. Well, not only did she not hear my answer, she immediately didn’t remember even asking.

As we reached the corner and I was pointing out the direction. The women all stopped. Now either they didn’t hear when I said I knew where the place was or it was more fun for them to try and figure it out for themselves.

They proceeded to ask passerbys if they knew of the place. The first man simply said, “no” and kept walking.

The second man they asked tried to help. I heard him say “Hewes street”.

“I’m going yep that’s this way.”

(Physically pointing towards the correct direction)

This guy was actually from Australia!

At this moment I say, “what are we waiting for, it’s right over there.”

Apparently two from our group walked a couple of blocks back towards the restaurant, looking to use WiFi. When they returned, we took a left and arrived at the bar. A mere half block from where we were standing.

I decided to let the ladies, seemingly enjoy their navigation. As I quietly slipped across the street, to observe.

In hindsight, I should have left, gone to Velo Jazz bar, had a beer, and listened and enjoyed the live music before the ladies arrived.

I wonder if they would have even noticed I was gone?

In solitude.

We eventually made it to Velo, a place Mike and I had discovered by happenstance earlier in the week.

It is a small jazz bar with live entertainment Tuesday through Saturday. Situated on a triangular piece of land, immediately below JMZ subway line. Location 394 Broadway. Menu is vegan. Has a quaint vibe, love the WC with chain!

Love the live music in New York, many venues with talented musicians.

Hope you are fortunate to stumble across your own hidden gems.

At least you now know where Velo is located. Very interesting neighbourhood, check it out.

Life Lesson on Listening, and Perspective.

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2 thoughts on “7 Gals and a Guy, article on Listening, Guest Writer, Michael Matwick

  1. Vanessa McLaughlin

    Great story! It is so true that we often don’t listen. I’ve done it myself, asked a question, and not listened to the answer. You could try and say it’s because it was a larger group but I’ve done it when there are only 3 people. We all should learn to listen more.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Vanessa,
      Your comment made me think. I have been told that I am a good listener, perhaps one on one. Now, I will make a concentrated effort when in a group situation.

      When given a different perspective, dynamics this time when there were 7 ladies, and 1 guy!


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