Comments: To Spam or not to Spam


Thank-you to those who take your time to leave comments, send emails and texts.

I truly appreciate any and all kinds. Even constructive criticism. It’s a huge learning curve, digesting information. Love to continually learn.


Some comments are obviously Spam. Those comments get deleted. Some are from those wishing to promote their sites. Do your own homework before linking. Then there are legitimate, thoughtful commentators from fabulous websites that I am happy to endorse.

I will do my best to screen.

Research indicates, that as your blog grows, it attracts, more Spam.

Also learning that there are those that not only borrow but use entire content.

Flattered. There are some sites which have posted articles of mine as their own. Using some of my art to promote their own.

Have researched, and will manage, when necessary. For myself, I am happy if what I have written is resonating. If a post helps wherever it may land, then I am okay with that.

Note, all the content on my blog is original material, my content. Any quotes or material from others is put in quotes or block quotes. Videos, TED Talks, attributed.

Of course it is understandable that other writers, bloggers can have the same ideas, and discuss at the same time.

Links in posts, have been sourced. Considerable consideration when there is mention of another website. If I have done this I have:

  • Asked for permission, or
  • Endorsed the sight

I have been asked to link to other sites, and will only do this once legitimacy has been verified, and only if content is in line with the vision of this blog.

There is a wealth of information on line. Many bloggers, and recently podcasters that inspire. Podcasting is an avenue that may be explored.


Legitimate sites;

Sometimes marketers may leave comments that look legitimate… when what they are trying to do is obtain a link back to their site.

I Never click on a link in a comment unless I have been able to verify it, or I know the comment comes from a legitimate site. I ask the same of you. Due diligence.

Posting some comments, as there are newbie bloggers who may learn by seeing same.

Will be a continuous process, learning for Life.




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