Come and Play with me, What do you see?

Let’s play a game

Take a look at the below creation, and let me know what you see in this artistic endeavour. I really need your honest feedback on this. I can take it, really…

I call this piece: Double Take

Have been trying out various mediums.

Heart, Mind, Archives

Truly enjoyed making a glass float; that was an experience that will remain in my heart, my mind, and physical archives.

*  Mike (my husband) filmed portions.  When I was so in the zone, didn’t realize he was capturing moments. You will oberve the real, quirky me. How animated, focused, and  oblivious I was…sigh…  When I am feeling brave will share….a post about the float making experience (bucket list),* and the video clips.

Future Posts

I am excited for future posts with those I know who are adding to their bucket lists, and living to the maximum in retirement.

Fun Fun Fun

Was having so much fun, oblivious to the camera. Behaving like a noob! Almost typed a Freudian slip, NB title of post. You figure out the word…

Then why is it that I (we) care what Others think.

I tell myself, it doesn’t matter, yet am contradicting myself here. Cuz, if it truly didn’t matter, this discussion, or rather my words would have been silenced.

Blah, blah, blah. Need my duct tape!

Life, it is how we interpret, and perceive. Ultimately, the more joy we are able to receive, the happier we will be.

Please indulge me, and leave your comments about what you see in “my art”.

Really am curious on this one for input, if you know what medium was used. What it is you see? Do you see what I see? Do you like it, should I go back to cooking.

Hahaha….hmmm…again I know why I have psychiatrists, psychologists, and neuroscientists as friends.

Thank-you. Next week, after I have read all comments I will share the medium, and reveal what this piece is. So please, come play with me.😘

Have fun!

Art projects.



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4 thoughts on “Come and Play with me, What do you see?

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      Thank-you for leaving the first comment on this post. That means you are “quicker” than the average “rabbit”. Next week will discuss this post.
      Appreciate your input.

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