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I have recently used Air Bnb, and believe you get good value for your money. A great addition to hotels.


Something to consider when travelling with a larger group, or when you want to experience alternate accommodations. Air Bnb has now included “experiences” where you can hang with a local and find an activity that suits your needs.


Going to a comedy club or jazz venue with a local musician or comedian.

Touring a garment district to see how hats are made.

Taking a cooking class with a renowned chef.

Many varied experiences.


I have included a link, if you use it, you will get 45.00 off your stay, if it amounts to 95.00 or more. I in turn, will benefit with a 20.00 credit. Win win for all of us.

Our most recent stay in New York, was at at an Air Bnb with local host Zachary in Park Slope. He offered his suggestions on restaurants, and jazz venues, where the locals go. We listened, and were happy with the places he recommended.

There is a variety of listings, to suit everyone’s needs. I would use Air Bnb again, definetly.

Sign up for Airbnb and get $45 CAD off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link:[_branch_match_id]=495839241267278299&redirect_params[action]=tell_a_friend&redirect_params[code]=christinet9570&redirect_params[controller]=referrals&redirect_params[ref_device_id]=1243cf076d830fbd&redirect_params[s]=4&redirect_params[user_id]=118456563


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2 thoughts on “Air BnB credit

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks, check out the Air Bnb Experiences. Interesting stuff.
      I have been very happy with the places we have stayed at…

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