Why we should all take breaks, listen, and observe

The importance of taking breaks.

When I was working, there would be some people who didn’t take breaks regularly.

There would be all kinds of excuses.

For example:

  • I am tired today, so my productivity is not where I would like it to be.
  • I forgot.
  • Where has the time gone? 
  • I will just eat at my desk.
  • I was hoping…

Always emphasized that it was important to take breaks. I would say that sometimes it was necessary to take breaks not for yourself, for Others.

As there are times that your co-workers may need “a break from you.”


That is why, when I am taking a holiday, mental health break, or “me time”. I will not be writing posts.

I have reiterated this previously. Will continue to mention each time, as you may want “that” break from me!

Quotes or Meditation Videos

When I am not posting articles, I will continue to share quotes, or meditation/relaxation Videos.

Have collected quotes for years, and am always finding new ones that inspire or may make your gut hurt from laughter.

Other Blogs

Or, I may direct you to Other blogs I have discovered that you may enjoy. As well, some writers, bloggers have expressed to share some information on my blog platform.


When it is relevant and may be of interest to you. Will share their insight.

Comments and Emails

Please continue to leave comments with suggestions, or text or email me as some of you have been doing.

Pinterest and Twitter

I have started sharing on Pinterest, Twitter. Most recently did post on Facebook. Have yet to do anything with Instagram or LinkedIn….one day.

Will reiterate that there is so much to learn. I have reading material for life!

I will be doing some videos, and possibly a Podcast or YouTube video for the articles which compel me to reach a larger audience.

Making a Difference

We can all make a difference. I still have help from my friend Emily, as there are some technical aspects that I cannot comprehend.

As for Other bloggers, and potential bloggers, I am happy to share with those of you who have reached out for help. Will do my best to assist, research or guide you to the Others that may have the knowledge to apply to your questions.

Conduit Only

I have never claimed to be an expert on the topics discussed. Am only that “human being” who has been fortunate to have expert guidance. Lucky to be that conduit who has absorbed some of Life’s Lessons, and who willingly wants to share.

Life is a beautiful thing. To connect, and be surrounded by loving friends, and family.

Repeating Words

Repeating words (see post) these were the words repeated most:

  • Life
  • Connection
  • Time
  • Love
  • Beautiful


Will continually express how gratitude plays a major role in the Happiness factor.

Gleaning Inspiration

My sincerest hope is that you are gleaning from those who inspire. That some of you have started your gratitude jars/journals.

Happiness, Joy, Laughter

That you are happy, are finding joy, and laughter. Even if it is momentary as I know life sometimes throws those unexpected curve balls, where you may find yourself in darkness.

Remember you are not alone, find solace in your faith, support from friends, and family.

Please seek out professional help if you require same.


I do appreciate those of you who have confided in me. Being empathetic, my heart reaches out to you.

Continual Threads

I will be doing the continual threads on “those” topics that need to be in mainstream conversation.

The more we know, the better we do.

(LL) Christine Toda


Sometimes the most important thing we can do is “be silent and listen.”

Truly care….it does make a difference…to someone.

Quote copied from Pinterest.

Life Lesson






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