Quotes: from Final Gifts and Final Journeys, by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelly

Life Lesson:

Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley, both Hospice nurses with years of combined experience. Maggie authored Final Journeys, and co-authored Final Gifts with Patricia Kelley.

Both of these books helped immensely, in understanding how to interpret the symbolic messages that our loved ones may be trying to convey.


Books about the power of listening,  and observation, they aim to help us understand what someone who is dying may be trying to convey through non-verbal communication.


Having an understanding, helps the transition. By knowing how someone may want to “let go” may help some realize a dying loved ones wishes to be alone or not.


Be kind to yourself, educate yourself. Have that open conversation before the end of life.


Read Final Gifts and Final Journeys. Final Gifts “suddenly appeared” while I was with my mom on her final journey.


These books  give guidance. Help you to see “what the right” thing is to do. Reassure that it is “okay” and beneficial to laugh during times of grief.


The books give clear insight into how a private person may want to be alone when “it’s time.”


“Knowing” will give you assurance and confidence to openly communicate what you discover and learn. Enabling you to share, and open dialogue with your family members.


To assert this new found knowledge with immediate family is the right thing to do. For the dignity of your loved ones.

Many stories shared in the two books  help you have a better understanding.

Death is part of life

Death is a part of life. To embrace life, also means to embrace death.

Quotes from the book shared on separate posts this week, and will be ongoing.

Life Lessons.


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