Acknowledgment Page: Being thank-ful to those who add meaning to our lives

Acknowledgment Page:

If you have never written an acknowledgment Page, try taking an afternoon to do it. I have just found that you cannot help but be happy and humbled being reminded that we are loved and we do nothing alone. (LL) Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage.

Saturday, February 17th, 2018 was Random Acts of Kindness Day. Every day should be a day we show kindnessgratitude.

It is important to acknowledge those in our lives who contribute meaning. Who lend support; be it social or emotional. Plain and simple support. Your acknowledgment page will change constantly. Focus on a certain few, and current reasons why. It is constant and ever-changing, and ongoing.

This blogging journey was made possible from the help of my friend Emily. Who has and continues to spend countless hours helping me with the technical support  for my blog, that is still required.

Regardless- she always makes time. More important has been the continuing words of encouragement. Am encouraging all of you to nurture a reciprocal relationship where words of gratitude flow freely.

As mentioned in The Happiness Advantage, and the TED talk What makes a good life by Robert Waldinger, researched studies have shown that “connection” is a huge part of our well-being.

Thank-you to my dear friend Vanessa for constant support. Actively posting thought provoking comments that give direction. This has been meaningful and helpful. Time is our greatest asset. She willingly gives of her time to connect. For this I extend my sincerest gratitude.

Sylvia, lets  me know that she has been reading posts. Through conversation she will casually make a comment. Providing those moments of connection; a way of lending support.

As mentioned in a previous post. Blogging is my passion, and reading blogs may not be on the radar of joy for others in my circle. Yet being a supportive caring friend is something we all desire, want and need if we want to “live that happy life.”

“Your life – your choice.”  Seeing and receiving through rose coloured glasses is a choice you can choose 😎. Refer to post on The Happiness Advantage, mention of rose coloured glasses.

Thank-you to my interviewees: Hayley, Ecaterina, and Emily. For giving of your time, insight; and for inspiring. Many emails received from people you have had an impact on.

Wai Ting, thank-you for the walk and talks, and our conversations. I appreciate your offering technical support. We have had some good laughs.

Darcy, for encouraging me with vision board ideas, and being my cheerleader.

Thank-you to old friends whom I have reconnected with…Treas and Karl for being “you”. For making me laugh. The conversations feel as though they continued from yesterday. Comfortable, and engaging.

I appreciate all my artist friends who have lent their paintings, sketches, photos, quotes. Thanks: Cosmin, Liisa, Nell, Nancy, Patru, Sylvia, Zhinous.

To my retired friends and family who are living inspiring lives. Individual stories to be shared in later posts.

Retirees: Linda, Nancy, Richard, Sylvia

Your stories of living right will surely encourage others on what retirement can look like. A life full of wonder, giving, joy, travel, purpose, experiences, friends, family, and connection.

If I could clone someone I would clone Tim Cyr. You’re effervesence is infectious. Continue to share, and to teach. You are awe-inspiring. Love the Do Less sessions. Looking forward to more joyous sessions. Glad to share you, and your site.

To those I know I say thank-you.

To those I have gotten to know via social media who have inspired me. I say thank-you. Lucky Budd,  author of Hello Humpback, illustrated by famed artist, Roy Vickers. A BC best seller. Father to Levi, who has started the Levidrome movement. Thank-you for your words of encouragement. For inspiring through words, and action.

Thank-you to writer Eirene Eitznore. A fellow lover of words. A passionate writer with a poetic flair. She can be seen @

To those whom I have yet to meet who have inspired through TED talks, books, and Twitter. Those I will acknowledge today are: Shawn Achor, you make me laugh, learn, and take action.

Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Lines, for your kind words, and acknowledgment. Knowing you will take action is impressive.

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for taking the time to email about your positive experience on Carnival Dream and thank you for sharing your Carnival love on your blog.  It’s very gratifying to know that our team consistently exceeds your expectations, which is very important to us. I will be sure to commend Bojan and the rest of the Carnival Dream team for their great customer care.

We are very grateful you chose to cruise with Carnival and we look forward to welcoming you back!



Christine Duffy
President |Carnival Cruise Line
3655 NW 87th Avenue |Miami, FL 33178
p: 305.599.2600 Ext. 10809| e:

Tyler Henry, for showing the world your compassion and gift.

Today, I chose an acknowledgment page.

Everyday I add to my gratitude jar, and my gratitude journal.

I would love to hear from you and know your stories of those who have made a difference in your lives. Do you have something that works as part of daily gratitude.

Is there someone who is worth emulating, that we can glean, and learn from? Please share, and leave a comment. I am always looking for those “inspiring” individuals who may add tools to our toolboxes. I look forward to receiving some mail and to making further connections.

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2 thoughts on “Acknowledgment Page: Being thank-ful to those who add meaning to our lives

  1. Vanessa

    Thank you Chris for your kind words. You are my dearest friend, my life is richer for having you in it. You also have a wonderful family. It was a privilege to know your parents Mitch and Alice. I often think of them and the wonderful times we had together. I felt like one of the family. Your parents were the best and how they raised you has made you what you are today. They are so proud of you. You have such honesty and integrity and love in your heart. I am blest.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Dear Vanessa,
      Thank-you for your heartfelt words. I believe in reciprocal relationships. What you give is received in kind. Appreciate you.

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