Heads up! Profanity coming to future posts

This is my heads up post to inform there will be some profanity showing up in my posts. I don’t normally partake in the use of this language on a regular basis. Yet…there is a time and a place. 

Recently I have read some articles indicating that the use of profanity can be a bonding experience, and a necessity. Later I will share some of these expert, researched findings.

There have been times when certain language pops into one’s head, and out your mouth. Times when things have happened, and the only fitting response is a resounding WTW…What the What !*!!*!! Please, I can see you laughing. We have all had those moments of complete utter disbelief that have caused those special words to escape. I know that some of the things that I say have others doing the same. Heck, having the ability to laugh at ones self is something we can all try to achieve. Have that gut-wrenching laugh, releasing endorphins, good for the soul.

I am not endorsing colourful language. Only know it has made me feel good!

I love quotes, most of which inspire, show gratitude or have meaningful messaging.

There are quotes I wish to share that have a slight shade.  Again, a time, and a place. Know your audience.

I will be sharing some stuff from S*it My Dad Says, book written by Justin Halpern.

I will be posting a link to a site that has some funny, and some controversial quotes.

Sometime we need to laugh, regardless of the source. As long as it isn’t intentionally mean spirited. I will repeat – know your audience.




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2 thoughts on “Heads up! Profanity coming to future posts

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Vanessa,
      I carry art inspired duct tape with me. Seems my inside voice wants to escape, and the older I get the filters dwindle. Saw singer Michael Buble in an interview, perhaps borrow his words, “Puck ya.”

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