Life Lessons: Perspective

Life Lessons:

  • Learning by observation
  • Seeing perspective
  • Digesting criticism

Sometimes it’s difficult to accept criticism, depending on the way it is shown. Yet if it makes you think, learn, and receive perspective, let’s welcome “that”  criticism.

Recently a few people: friends, and family have given “that” perspective.

Discussions about an individual’s joy, and what makes “them” happy.

One person’s happiness and passions may not necessarily be your own. So, why is it that we consider “certain things” as topics of conversation.


  • My current passion is blogging. If others in your circle, don’t share this passion – that is their choice. Honour it.
  • Someone’s passion may include house design, and improvements. This gives them joy. Acknowledge, and appreciate. Even if this is not your joy, it is theirs.
  • Someone you know spends all their time, operative “their” playing video games. Why should this bother you? It is “their joy”, not your life.

Let’s listen more, observe more, and gather more perspective. A speaker at a conference mentioned finding “one’s joy, and making new memories.”  Those words left an impression.

Appreciate when others guide us to do better, regardless if they are consciously mindful in their approach, or if they are direct. It is our response that defines us.

Life Lessons





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