Life Lesson: The Art of the handwritten thank-you note.

Life Lesson:

The art of the handwritten thank-you note.

To be on the receiving end of an unexpected, handwritten thank-you note.


I choose to take things at face value, not questioning intent. Only accepting things such as random acts of kindness as exactly that. I love the physiological effect that occurs. It brings simple joy.

The Carnival Dream cruise ship has a capacity of 3600 plus passengers. Not a small cruise ship.

I am navigationally challenged. I got lost. It takes a bit of time to figure which floors have direct routes, which ones you have to go up or down a floor or two for passage through from one end of the ship to the other.

There I was standing on the 3rd floor lobby by one of the elevators. I saw a staff member wearing a name tag. “Excuse me, I can’t seem to find my room, 2107.” This young man smiled at me and reiterated 2107? I said yes, he then asked for my sail and sign card. This is your room key, cashless card for all purchases, and your boarding pass.Therefore for security purposes, room numbers are not on this card.

After taking my card and using the ship phone and making an enquiry. He says to me, “Christine, you are in room 1217.” Oh…room 2107 didn’t exist as the cruise ship only went up to 12 floors!

He was gentle and kind. Always smiling. Accomodating, never mocking. He made me feel at ease and was friendly. I found out his name, Bojan – from Bosnia. He proceeded to direct me in the right direction.

The next day, we managed to lock ourselves out of our room safe. Had to make our way to guest services.

Of all the staff on board, who should I see! Yup, Bojan working the front desk. I immediately wanted to crawl away…embarrassed that I needed help again. Too late, he saw me.

“Christine, 1217, good to see you!” He was cordial, smiling. We laughed and talked. He told us that a state room manager would be with us immediately to sort out our situation.

We walked directly back to our room and were back less than 5 minutes when there was a knock at our door. The manager helped us. Again, great service.

That evening when we arrived back to our room. There was a handwritten thank-you note, a business card, and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.


This is exceptional service. Beyond words. The difference between shall I go on another Carnival cruise to when will I go.

Bojan Jelisic from Carnival Dream. A young man from Bosnia. You are an ambassador for

Carnival. I hope others have the opportunity to be in your shining presence. Every time I saw you, you had an effervescent smile.

What you displayed:

  • A simple gesture
  • An act of kindness
  • Giving simple joy
  • Goodwill

You are an amazing awe-inspiring young man. Carnival is fortunate to have you on board.

I have sent you a letter via Carnival’s head office. I hope to be able to interview you one day – to hear of your journey from Bosnia to Carnival.

A young man who “gets it”. Your world looks promising.

Very much appreciate your kindnesses.


Christine Toda

Challenge to all:

I challenge you the readers to write a thank-you card, or send a postcard via snail mail. Let’s all take steps to make someone smile.

A simple gesture. 

An act of kindness.

How something as simple as a note, can have a huge physiological, positive effect.

As Nike represents, “Just do it.”

I sent a few postcards. A friend responded:

I have got a beautiful postcard from a very kind hearted friend. Thank-you soooooo much 💝💝💝. I am keeping it 4ever with me.

The joy of giving by simply thinking of someone, and taking a moment of time, precious time to let them know you appreciate them, and have thought of them.

The gift of being able to graciously receive a gift of kindness.

Life Lesson.

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2 thoughts on “Life Lesson: The Art of the handwritten thank-you note.

  1. Eirene

    I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Small acts such as a handwritten letter, card, or thank you note are quite profound in today’s mad dash world where everything happens instantly. Certain, we can send a text, but it takes very little effort and, at times, is not a genuine expression of the depths of what we’re feeling. Whereas, the time necessary to write out the note and post it shows that not only were you think of said person, but you carved out time to express that. Thank you for this one, Chris. It is indeed a life lesson.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hello Eirene,
      Thank-you for taking the time to comment. I value my intuition. Am grateful to have connected with you. I look forward to reading your blog. My reasons for blogging were to hopefully inspire, what I didn’t imagine is that I would be the one who is getting inspired. I sincerely hope my readers get the opportunity to read your blog. One of my goals was to introduce people to other inspirational bloggers. You will be my first consideration. You have already inspired me with your words. I love to learn about everything. Thanks for sharing. I love your heart, your genuine, and it shows.

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