Post: Reason for blogging; posts when I am on leave

I have always stressed work-life balance. Regardless that I am now retired.

I have committed to blogging on a consistent basis, every Thursday. * There may be times when I do not have access to wifi. At these times posts will be delayed.

When I am participating in retired life balance and retreating albeit that I may be at home, or at a silent retreat or travelling with my husband or friends. I will post quotes unless I have no wifi access.

I have been collecting quotes, and living by same for my entire life. I have gathered quotes from some of my favourite philosophers, authors, friends, family, movies, conferences. I have saved quotes from anywhere and everywhere.

I have found there are those whose every word is quotable, and who I madly scribble to write their words of wisdom. At times it may be a notable quote from a movie or article. Am grateful my memory is still available.

I absolutely love quotes. Many resonate deep to my core. Philosophical quotes. Funny quotes. Outrageous quotes.

My blog is My desire is to inspire and share words of wisdom.

Recently I have read some articles on profanity and how there may be a place for this. I am not one to use such language regularly yet must admit there are times it seems so appropriate and necessary?

I have collected words of wisdom, and I have also done some summaries on “way out there” quotes. This is my heads up that there may be some colourful language appearing in some of the upcoming posts.

One of the books I will be summarizing is Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferris. What resonated with me is that right from the get go he suggested to take what you need and refer back if necessary. I feel the same way. Some of you have mentioned that you enjoy the interviews. Some the recipes. Some everything – thank-you.  Not everything will resonate with everyone. This is a journey we are taking together. Take what you need, use what you want. Blogging is a choice. Reading is your choice. Of course, being a newbie I appreciate every comment.

Please let me know what you need or want.

If we don’t know, we cannot improve.

Recently I chose to do a review of a local restaurant. My first Trip Advisor review of a restaurant in the lower mainland of Vancouver. I did the review as both myself and my friend Nancy thought the Sweet Greek was deserving of a shout out. (Link)

As with this blog. I am only able to do better if I know what it is that resonates with all of you. Two months in now and my friend Emily is going to start to do some analytics. Scary. I know and appreciate those of you who have told me personally how much you enjoy the blog. Scary when analytics show that 10 people actually see the blog and of those ten only 1 reads all.

This is where I have to believe in myself and the reasons I decided to blog. I am a relentless optimist, and I would rather have an article impact a single soul then have 10000 people see my blog but not be impacted.

I cannot emphasize how I truly, truly believe each and every one of us can make a difference.

I have been learning about metrics, blogging, advertising, social media. It is much, much information to absorb. Different for everyone, dependant on where you are in your particular life. For me…I am blogging for the sole reason to reach out and provide information that may connect with some of you.

I am human, and of course I desire a larger audience as I wish to have an impact.

All of my blog posts have been written, reviewed, revised. Not this one. This one I am writing from my heart, no script.

Learning that blogging isn’t supposed to be “about you”. Yet this post is. I need to believe in myself.  Gifts should be shared.

Many may not know the reality of their gifts. Listen to your intuitive self. Let yourself be encouraged by those who believe in you even if you yourself don’t believe. Others may have the capacity to see your reality before you realize your own potential. Believe, life can be amazing. You may have distorted thought maps holding you back. Separate post forthcoming.

I feel strongly in my ability to communicate and convey. Will continue to be the conduit. At no time have I professed to be an expert. I am the same as each and every one of you. A human being trying to make this world a bit better by showing kindness, sharing valuable insightful information. Connecting to people making a difference.

To inspire and be inspired.


Christine Keiko Toda

Please comment.

Life Lessons.


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