Seven Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Relationships.

Seven Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Relationships. The signs are present, sometimes we choose not to see them. What are Seven Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Relationships?

Seven Signs


1. Is there reciprocal joy from this relationship?

2. Do our relationships lift us up, or let us down?

3. Are our relationship needs being met?

4. Does the relationship make us feel rejuvenated, or drained?

5. Loyalty, is this why we remain in the relationship?

6. Is the relationship toxic?

7. Do  our relationships make us feel anxious, sad, depressed.


Did you answer yes to any of the Seven Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Relationships?

Then watch for signs, and let go of relationships that:


  • Do not provide joy
  • Are not reciprocal
  • Do not meet needs
  • Drain mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • Loyalty based
  • Toxic
  • Leave us feeling sad

Learn to Say No


We must learn to say no, and not feed the toxicity from relationships that drain us.

Follow our hearts, and pay attention to the Signs it’s Time to Let Go.


Learning to say “no” is beneficial to our well-being. Being givers and doers is not a selfish act.


Jenna Ushkowitz’s Book – Choosing Glee


Learning Lessons:  In Jenna’s book, “Choosing Glee” she talks about when it is best to let go of friends.

“You will either grow together or grow apart.” (LL).  “You learn to weed out the people who can’t be happy for you because they’re not happy themselves.” (LL) Jenna Ushkowitz

Gary Sheng bio:

Gary is an Engineer with Google, writer, co-founder of Dancing Pineapple, Justice seeking activist.

Gary’s Advice to New Grads: on Relationships

“If you’re truly the sum of your friends, make sure your relationships are additive. Find friends who are authentic, passionate, fun, and weird; ones who remind you what you’re worth, energize you, and support your pursuits. Drop those who slow you down, pressure you into making poor choices, and never show up – it’s cathartic. And don’t expect anything specific from them in return. Your friends will surprise you in ways you can’t predict or imagine.


Value yourself.



It is not easy, releasing a relationship. Yet it is something we have to consider if after mindful reflection, we realize it is time to let go of relationships.



Time for reflection.


Live a life of purpose.


Surround yourself with those who make your heart sing; that you share meaningful conversations with…


Those who Make us Smile


The people who make us smile, the ones whom you share that gut-wrenching laugh with…

Surround Yourself with the People who Build You Up


The people who build us up by supporting our authentic selves. Release those who no longer add value to our lives. It is time to let go of relationships that are toxic.

Friends you can be certain of...

Time To Let Go

The friends who are there – always:

“In prosperity our friends know us, in adversity we know our friends.” (LL) Churton Collins

When we want to keep our friendships, see post on meaningful friendships.

Life Lessons: Seven Signs it’s Time to Let Go of Relationships


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