Signs it may be time to let go of relationships; 7 questions to ask yourself

1. Are you receiving reciprocal joy?

2. Do they lift you up, or let you down?

3. Have you asked for what you need? Only to be heard by silent ears.

4. Is there value in this relationship worth fighting for?

T. Intuitively ask yourself is it time to let go? Your gut doesn’t lie.

6. Are you constantly initiating?

7. Do they only take, and not give?

Reflection. Consideration. Value. Backwards acronym VCR…as a tape to repeat this mantra.

Learning to say “no” at a young age was a grace saving blessing. Am grateful for that valuable lesson. Being givers and doers is not a selfish act, it is selfless yet if you don’t consider yourself first, you are not good to anyone.

Lesson Learned: ” Note to self…keep mouth shut next time.” Quote in Jenna’s book. Wrote that exact post it note to self that same morning.  In her book “Choosing Glee”, Jenna Ushkowitz talks about when it is best to let go of friends. “You will either grow together or grow apart.” (LL). She states “You learn to weed out the people who can’t be happy for you because they’re not happy themselves.” (LL)

Connected with Jenna as had many moments of synchronicity with her words when reading her book.  Her reference to friends of all walks of life…saying those exact words. Love that!

When researching information on the intranet, checking out blogs. I found a blog written by Gary Sheng. A young man with an old soul. His writing resonated to my core. He is an Engineer with Google, writer, co-founder of Dancing Pineapple, Justice seeking activist.

One of the many inspiring people that have had an impact on the soul. He wrote an article, “My advice to new grads, after two years in the wild.” This is what he had to say about relationships:

“If you’re truly the sum of your friends, make sure your relationships are additive. Find friends who are authentic, passionate, fun, and weird; ones who remind you what you’re worth, energize you, and support your pursuits. Drop those who slow you down, pressure you into making poor choices, and never show up – it’s cathartic. And don’t expect anything specific from them in return. Your friends will surprise you in ways you can’t predict or imagine.

Love his style of writing, truly authentic. Encapsulates everything in a tidy paragraph. Thanks Gary!

It is the beginning of a new year. Time for reflection. Journey through – to live a life of purpose. Surround yourself with those who truly make your heart sing, that you share meaningful conversations with…

The people who make you smile, the ones whom you share that gut-wrenching laugh with…

The people who build you up by supporting you, your true authentic self.

The friends who are there for you always:

Remember: “In prosperity our friends know us, in adversity we know our friends.” (LL) Churton Collins

Life Lessons


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