Recipe: Fuyu Persimmon @Kaki, and mini Honey Mandarin salad.


Diospyrus Kaki = Japanese Persimmon

To the ancient Greeks known as “the fruit of the Gods.

My favourite fruit brings back memories…

A simple, delicious salad. Fuyu persimmons resemble miniature pumpkins without grooves. They are squat, capped with a crown of heart-shaped leaves.

Fuyu’s are eaten when firm, unlike Hachiya persimmons which are mouth puckering tart and require softening. These types are acorn shaped and a deeper orange colour.

Fuyu’s have a layering of subtle flavours reminiscent of pear, dates, and brown sugar with nuances of cinnamon. Hence they are sometimes known as the “cinnamon fruit.”

The ones I have eaten have had a couple of seeds inside. Some say that at times they are seedless. I eat the skin, some may prefer to remove. Eating one as I create this recipe.

I made this recipe for Christmas to share with part of our new blended family. There were some who had not heard of persimmon. Many loved trying this crunchy, pretty, simple persimmon and Honey mandarin salad for the first time. Being able to experience new foods…a foodie’s dream.




  • 4 Fuyu persimmons
  • 8 mini Honey mandarins
  • 2 T real maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Two squeezes of a Meyer lemon



1. Dice the persimmons, skin on, into bite-sized morsels.
2. Peel the “mini” Honey mandarins into sections.
3. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
4. Two squeezes of Meyer lemon.

Mix all together. Serve chilled


Fuyu persimmons only.

If mini Honey mandarins are not available, use regular mandarins, or navel oranges cut into small pieces. *Honey mandarins are teeny, not necessary to peel membrane; if using other types of citrus would remove.

Use real maple syrup or substitute liquid honey if that is your flavour preference.

If you have fresh nutmeg available, a little-grated nutmeg is a nice addition.

Meyer lemons are juicy and sweet. Not always readily available. Regular lemons or limes are fine substitutes.

Once you try this recipe then you will have the flavour profile and can build “your own” salad. Adding grapefruit, toasted slivered almonds, mint, basil, pomegranate seeds. Anything goes. Today I chose simple.


I used some “free” stock photos I found through Pexels and Pixabay. Giving due credit. Great sites with awesome photos. It wasn’t possible at this time to take a photo of a persimmon tree!

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