Introduction: 2018, reasons for blogging

Blogging for 2 months. WOW what a rewarding experience it has been. My hope was to inspire, share life lessons. What I didn’t expect was how much I would be inspired. The people I have met through social media… Grateful for meeting awe-inspiring, like-minded individuals.

Some comments received:

  • Your baby blog is growing beautifully with your nutritional feeding.
  • I need to take notes from you! and your blog.
  • You are todally inspiring.
  • You’re lucky to know all these people.
  • You are a star and truly an inspiration. So happy to have connected and be on your team. We are all learning together.
  • Amazing – go and be inspiring.
  • Impressed with how far you have come with technology.
  • Never stop being such an awesome and inspiring person.
  • I’m really glad to know that you are getting connected with like-minded people. You deserve it.
  • As one who stutters, thank-you.
  • Grateful to have met you.
  • You do have a knack for writing.
  • It is a moving piece of writing.

I have added the comments as I want to show how I appreciate gratitude. It is my belief that a caring, connected world makes humanity. We are human beings with a desire and need for connection. Find your joy, keep your own gratitude journal, jar…let your heart sing with joy. Remember each action in thought and words…matters.  Always think beyond yourself and the ways we are able to contribute as we journey through life. Make it worthwhile.

Some things I have received through receiving and sharing reciprocal joy:

  • Emotional contentment.
  • Inspiration through art.
  • …More words to live by.
  • Finding purpose.
  • Meeting awe-inspiring people.

Thank-you for all your kindnesses, words of appreciation, and constructive criticism.

Continuing to learn as I go. Joking that in retirement I need 48 hour days. Loving every moment, blogging gives me joy. Being mindful, finding balance, and signing off social media for certain times and days of the week.

Going through this process, am still trying to figure out my target audience, and niche. Deciding which areas that will be my focus. Appreciate all comments, suggestions, and ideas.

I will continue my thread of gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion. Repeating some articles that have significance.

I have heard from people who want part of my focus to be on the tougher topics, such as mental health. This is important. Talking about this topic is a necessity. Having a friend who is dealing with suicide has made me want to know more. I need to educate myself. What information I learn, I will share. I did find good information on the

Requests received for more interviews. Definetly plan on introducing more amazing, inspirational people – making a difference. Those people who have touched my life, and who may inspire you to “do more”, whether through community action, travel,  or self-awareness.

  • I have yet to discuss retirement, this wonderful part of life. Topics:
  • Rewarding personal experiences, mine and others I know who have inspiring words to share.
  • Travel stories.
  • Lessons on volunteering.
  • Suggestions for those who may be hesitant to take this next step.

Time, it is our most valuable, precious gift to be used wisely.

Being grateful:

My birthday is December 18th. I get to celebrate before, during, and after Christmas. I receive joy through simple pleasures. This past month am grateful for:

  • The friend who made the “egg salad” lunch, one of my faves.
  • The friend who never forgets, and always remembers my birthday.
  • Words of gratitude.
  • The family member who recalled our love of Stuart Mclean and gifted us with his book, “Home for Christmas”.
  • Phone protector in the form of a clutch! Yeah…
  • Labour of love – spring rolls. Appreciate homemade gifts of time.
  • The gift of a friend singing a song. Made my heart smile.
  • Homemade art.
  • A friend visiting family out of town, not cancelling her paper so we could enjoy.
  • Family dinners and brunches. The traditional foods, the memories.
  • Dinner with friends.
  • Homemade bread.
  • Long chats creating emotional connectedness.
  • Two Papyrus cards. ☺😘
  • Meeting new inspiring people.
  • The gift of laughter.
  • Tomato and bacon sea salt.
  • Sea salt and caramel hot chocolate.
  • Bottle of St. Germain elderberry liqueur; most exquisite bottle.
  • Those who listen.
  • Friends and family that “know you well”.

I will keep in mind all requests received. For interviews, recipes, quotes, and photos of food.

I continue to ask for your patience while I am learning. I am taking courses, networking, and figuring “things” out. Seems ideas are continual.

I do know that I chose blogging as a way to inspire, inform, and learn. As with my curious nature I too desire these things.

I have not done any advertising yet as I am early on with my journey. If and when I do it will come naturally, and organically. If I am going through another blog that is filled with too many advertisements, I want to exit same. There may be some products that I may wish to endorse or be sponsored by. I do know I could use a pen sponsor as I have gone through 7 pens thus far, also the same amount of journals. Yes, I still use pen and paper.

Another thing that weighs on my heart is  world conditions, especially those affecting children. Realizing we all contribute privately and with our own charities. There may be times throughout the year that I may promote an organization.

I look for signs in my life, and I am not clear how I wish to pursue my endeavours for charity. Only know it is integral and core to my being. Perhaps in some way I may use my blog platform and create a charity or ask that the audience of this blog contribute as a way of appreciation. Nothing formulated yet, ideas from the heart.

Again, thank-you to all for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your life. You are the reason, my purpose, to connect. To have meaning, and to make a difference.

The more we know the better we do. Moment of synchronicity. I typed “more”, movie in background….word “more”. Yes I choose meaning in synchronicity and choose to write about it. More stories on that topic to follow.

My message this past year and to all of you.

Wishing you joy, contentment, and purpose.”

Life Lessons



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