Reader Opinion Requested: Controversial Figures


Always looking for signs. Wishing for one before posting this article. Received.  Very few television series have piqued my interest. “The Good Doctor”, draws the audience in. It is unique, has endearing characters who you want to “root for”.  Freddie Highmore plays Dr. Shaun Murphy. An article in the Vancouver Sun newspaper, written by Melissa Hank, had some answers to questions that were being pondered.

Freddie Highmore sees the good in everybody – even serial killers such as Norman Bates, one of the most notorious murderers in cinematic history.

“I always thought that Norman was still somehow endearing and likable, as opposed to this horrible, nasty serial killer who was cold-hearted,” says Highmore, who played the corpse-freezing killer for five seasons of A&E’s Bates Motel, a prequel series to the 1960 film Psycho.

There are many controversial people throughout history. Some may have started out being upstanding citizens, leaders, and notable contributors in this world. We may know of heinous people and their seemingly lack of souls for their acts toward mankind. Some may have had a fall from grace from a singular event.

If I am being honest with myself. Some of these people have impacted me with their words, art, quotes. I struggle with this…

Should we not allow ourselves to regard a painting knowing the person who created it was one of history’s most heinous people? Am I or should I not  appreciate words of wisdom from a person who years later has a fall from grace, perhaps unbeknownst to us?

A favourite singer that you listen to regularly for years is involved in a controversial situation. Would you stop listening to their music?

I am curious. Perhaps it is me only and many of you would immediately stop listening to the music or never look at “those” paintings. A little harder to forget “those words of wisdom” you have lived with for years.

Some dialogue would be appreciated. Please leave your comments, or send me a private email. As a private matter, what we do is entirely our own decision. How actions affect our moral decisions. I get that. Some scenarios are an easier call to make, such as not using a brand if they have an association to sweat shop labour.

It is alot to digest. Hard to put words to paper as many thoughts are rapidly going through my brain.  Does the present situation, or fall from grace diminish everything?

What if my entire life I have been quoting someone, and sharing what I thought was infinite wisdom. (Let’s step into the future). Then after I am no longer of this life, what if that wise person has a controversial situation. Does it diminish any words of wisdom from myself because of my association? Since in that scenario I wasn’t aware…

Part of me is being selfish here. Perhaps I seek approval that “it is okay to appreciate art” even if created by…

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6 thoughts on “Reader Opinion Requested: Controversial Figures

  1. Liisa Atva

    Art or writing once offered up to the world takes on its own life separate from that of the artist or writer. We often have our own interpretation or take on it. I say enjoy without worrying about its association to the creator.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hello Liisa,
      Thank-you for your eloquent, descriptive words. I will use my perception of them, and continue to interpret and enjoy.
      Wisdom from within…
      Wishing you joy, contentment, and purpose for 2018.

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    1. todallychris Post author

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    1. todallychris Post author

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