Quote: I can taste the sound


A simple story of quotes, and humour. Being able to laugh at the simple things, and get joy and laughter throughout your day.

Humour, love how some people are quick-witted. There are those who seem to say profound or humorous sayings naturally.

Was at a company brunch  eating an omellete that was created a la carte. Ingredients included mushrooms.

I noticed that some of the mushrooms looked like Japanese Enoki yet they were slightly darker. Then on closer inspection those mushrooms looked a bit like psycilocibin (worked for Vancouver police). Joked with my husband, who agreed the mushrooms had a “magical look”.

Then I heard this voice from across the table, “I can taste the sound.” Made me chuckle.

“Humour can add life to our days, perhaps days to our lives.” (H) From book(s) Final Journeys/Gifts. Maggie Callanan.


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2 thoughts on “Quote: I can taste the sound

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    1. todallychris Post author

      All these suggestions are new. I am a very new blogger. Trying to get the feel of things – slowly. Much to absorb.
      Thanks for your comments.

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