The significance of finding Dimes

Life Lesson:

I am sharing this personal story as there may be some readers who have experienced similar events. We learn by sharing, and openly communicating.

Soon after my Uncle George passed away I started finding dimes. At first I never told anyone. It wasn’t until my husband Michael commented on the odd positioning of the dime in the foyer as I was leaning down to pick it up. It wasn’t on the tiled floor, it was on the ledge as though it was placed there vertically. I asked him if he was the one leaving me dimes in weird places…playing a joke on me. He swore it wasn’t him, and I believed him as he saw that I was serious when I questioned him.

Serendipity, Synchronicity, and Coincidence

I went to work, and had my moment of serendipity as sitting on my desk was an article on Finding Dimes. It was about loved ones leaving dimes as symbols that they were watching over you. My friend Mila left me this article. She did not know yet that I had been finding dimes.

I was comforted. I wasn’t imagining things. My eyes and memory were not playing tricks on me. I was finding dimes. I had a guardian angel.

These dimes would appear seemingly out of nowhere. I cannot explain the unexplainable. It happened to me. I searched on line and was relieved to find other articles with people who had similar experiences. This was also comforting as part of me thought this is “crazy, bizarre, and can’t be real. But it was.

Once I woke up, and had my shower. That is when I found the dime, it had stuck itself to my azz. Weird I know. I then checked the bed looking for more dimes. None there. Mike wasn’t home. I made the bed, then a few hours later I just had to check…(only me at home)…3 more dimes in the bed.

Once, on the skytrain (our local rapid transit) I sat down. I always check the seat. When I got up at my destination, 3 dimes on my previously empty seat.

It was literally raining dimes in the car, appearing to fall off the visor.

The strangest place I found dimes was when I would take a moment to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature. Yup, those dimes were in the 💐 .

I collected jars of dimes.

My uncle passed in November. We had a celebration in life in January. I told my dime story. It was real, and I was not afraid to share it with others. Again, I cannot explain why these extraordinary things happen to me…they just do.

What I found out by sharing is that there were two of my uncle’s closest friends who were relieved that I “talked about dimes” as they too were finding them in the oddest places. They both thought they were having a bit of a meltdown. By sharing they found comfort and humour. In their words it was typical that Uncle George would want to be at the centre of attention.  For me, the significance of the dimes brought me comfort and simple joy. Even as I write this article…I find myself smiling.

I no longer find dimes in weird places…books on the other hand are falling off shelves…


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4 thoughts on “The significance of finding Dimes

  1. Vanessa McLaughlin

    Of course I knew about the dimes as you had told me. I really believe that when our loved ones have departed that they visit us in one way or another. I think it’s their way of giving us comfort and sometimes it’s to say they are going to another dimension or plateau. Thank you for sharing your story again.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hello Vanessa,
      My pleasure. Signs surround all of us, being aware is the first step to receiving them. Of course, how we interpret is a matter of interpretation.

      Signs happening through words now…share that article later. Love to hear if you or anyone else experience significant signs.

  2. Sandi

    Collect jars Chris. I suspect there are many more dimes coming your way. We all feel the need toggle gifts to those that we love.

    1. todallychris Post author

      I happened to be editing late. Received this message. Thank-you. At this time of year any signs of loved ones surrounding us is welcomed. I have again been finding dimes…

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