Life Lesson: Simple thought; elastic band experiment

Every moment is precious. We all need to have clearer perspective. To stop sweating the small stuff. We are all worthy regardless of the past. Believe you have value.

” Unfortunately there are are those whose happiness lies in criticism and complaint.”  (W) Jeraldine Saunders

*Wear an elastic band around your wrist for a day. Give yourself a snap of the band each time you mention a complaint that isn’t justified. At the end of the day…you might be surprised. Perhaps you were previously aware yet most of us have no realization as to the times we complain about “the little things.”

Personally, I have started collecting duct tape…

I would love to hear about your elastic band experiment. Please share your comments. This helps me on this blogging journey. Knowing if the content is resonating with you the readers.

Let me know if there are topics you want me to source out and discuss with you. I am curious, love to learn, and share.

Life Lessons.

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