Quote: by Drake, on releasing friendships

Quote by Drake on releasing friendships. Misty mountain view on road trip to Alberta, fall 2017. Photo by Chris Toda

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4 thoughts on “Quote: by Drake, on releasing friendships

  1. Gino Lausier

    Acknowledge that you did the ideal you could, with the knowledge you had, in the circumstances, with the resources obtainable, at the time. Choose self-acceptance rather of a destructive self-assessment.

  2. Beryl Vallangeon

    If you flip flop around a lot at night, Snoogle might not be for you. I toss and turn a lot, and trying to fight the Snoogle and flip it over is a pain and wakes me up more. I don’t even sleep with it any more, I just twist it up and lean against it when I read. It was a huge waste of money for me. I much prefer my $10 Target body pillow.

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