Open Letter to Sheryl Sandberg

Open letter to Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook. Author of Lean In, and Option B.

A friend was grieving the death of her mother, and at the same time the end of a three year relationship. I recommended for her to read Option B before I had even read it (from reviews).

I was at my happy place, the local library. I saw your book. I believe in serendipity, synchronicity, parallels, and coincidence. It was during my read that another friend informed me her sister had passed. The year before she became a widow, married for a half century. Again, I mentioned your book. I am letting everyone know about the value, and lessons you offer. I have recommended very few “must reads”. Option B is one of them.

You are an awe-inspiring, amazing accomplished woman. A person, who is making a difference. Powerful yet humble. Diplomatic in your approach when letting the world know you have been blessed with privledges, yet very aware that there are vast proportions of peoples whose lives are less fortunate.

Thank-you for supplying extensive research and for providing statistical data, making it easy to digest information and see the bigger picture.

You allow people to “think” and hopefully spring them into action.  Doing so with compassion and understanding. Everyone may not have the world platform as you do yet all can and should contribute in any way possible.

You are a true humanitarian, philanthropist, and leader. Most importantly you are a mother, and a kind and compassionate human being.

The art of the handwritten letter is something reminiscent of the past. Yet it shouldn’t be. I have the original letter I wrote to you. It is cathartic writing this post. I realize you may never see it. Being the eternal optimist who sees life through rose coloured glasses I chose my blog as my platform.

There are books I choose to read for simple pleasure. Then there are the ones such as yours, that I read and take copius notes. I love quotes, and have pages, and pages of yours, and other people you quoted. I loved that many of the quotes you use are the same ones I have collected over the years.

I want people to read Option B and learn. They too will have a list of inspiring words, and wisdom.

I hope they will also read Lean In, and seek out your TED Talk, “Sit at the Table.” Love TED Talks.

It was your message from Lean In that encouraged me to start blogging. “I’m not ready to do that, to thinking I want to do that, and I’ll learn by doing it.” (W) Sheryl Sandberg

I loved your Lotus story! Also that you still keep a pen & notepad with you! The photo is of one of my notepads, and the pen is a special homemade one that I received from my previous Manager, Lisa Hoogstins of the Vancouver Police Department. She had her father retired PC, Ron Jones make them for her team. As in your Lotus story, I was blessed to have a wonderful boss.

I am proud to be a Canadian, yet if I were living in the United States I know who I would want in a political capacity…


Thank-you Sheryl Sandberg for your infinite wisdom, your compassion, ability to articulate. and your subtle humour. Thank-you for “adding” to my already extensive book of compiled quotes, and for amazing me with your extensive glossary.

Thank-you for “todallyinspiring” me.



Christine Toda

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