Matthew West Forgiveness (video), and story on forgiveness

Matthew West – Forgiveness – Official Song Lyrics Video from matthew-west on GodTube.



My dad was forever grateful to the Franciscan Sisters of Antonement for their kindness and charity.

Dad’s words…”forgive, and forget.” I have been able to forgive, admitting it isn’t always easy to forget. There are historical incidents we should never forget. The times we are able…”Don’t gunny sack, let it go.” Words echoing…if you harbour resentment, and something were to happen to that person – could you live with yourself?

  • Those of Japanese heritage were removed from their homes, after the attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941. They were sent to internment camps throughout British Columbia (BC). My dad was in Greenwood, BC.
  • My grandma died a maternal death.
  • My grandfather was a fisherman, months away.
  • The Catholic sisters helped to take care of my dad.
  • He ate alot of porridge as a child.
  • He did not eat porridge as an adult.
  • He was poor.
  • His clothes were tattered.
  • He was teased, and bullied.
  • He knew adversity.

He learned the meaning of charity.

1997 marked Greenwood’s 100th anniversary of incorporation. For Founder’s Day, our dad was being honoured. He was donating a rare 100 year old postcard to the museum.

There was a school reunion. My dad had not seen some of his fellow classmates for years.

I remember one woman who was visibly upset; shaking, crying. When she saw my dad she was uncontrollable. She approached him, hugged him, and asked for forgiveness for the way she treated him “50 years previously.” Her back was to me, she wouldn’t let go of my dad physically. My dad mouthed the words to me, “forgave her 50 years ago.”

The power of forgiveness. I want to live right. I choose forgiveness. I hope that others have forgiven me for the times I have faltered.

I recently heard the phrase, “How are you living?” These words resonate to my core.




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