Repeating numbers “444” what does it signify?

For years I would see the repeating number sequence “444”. I would wake in the middle of the night and look at the digital clock…444. It happens during the day as well. Everywhere and anywhere. Not only with clocks; books, articles…

I never wanted to know if there was any significance as being Japanese, there is a cultural reference to the number 4 relating to “death”. In North America, many buildings do not have a 13th floor. In Japan, the level 4 is often not present. My mom would avoid 4’s. Many practice the art of Feng Shui…I used to pronounce this as Feng “Shooey” until years later someone kindly told me otherwise. If there are negatives, there are ways to minimize, such as the “use of red”.

When I started “googling” I found many articles on repeating numbers. Some state that the sequence 444 is a really powerful number which indicates a clear path – the right one, and there is support to reach goals. Ideals will manifest, and abundance is theirin. A “sign” to keep going, and that action and effort will bring desired results. Thousands of angels surrounding, loving and supporting. Mention that there is a very strong and clear connection with the angel realm. Those with the connection to 444 are considered to be Earth Angels.

Dreams, ideas and visions are being manifested into reality. Building the foundation for dreams that will also benefit those within family as well as future generations.

I currently do not see the repeating numbers as often. Perhaps as I realized the significance, and am on the path I was destined to be.


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