Portmanteau words, play on words, puns.




Portmanteau:  Blending of two or more existing words creating a new expression that is a linguistic blend of the two individual terms.

I love words. Play on words. Puns.  Portmanteau words.  Made-up words. Sayings.  Anything that brings a smile to my face, or someone else’s.  My husband Mike creates new words.  For example, “beautimus”, what makes it fun is when you introduce a word to someone, and then you hear them saying it next time you meet.  One of our simple joys.

I had heard the phrase Deja Moo before, meaning “feeling you have heard this bull before.” I was looking to see who coined it, and came across the saying on a t-shirt, I liked the design.  I contacted Dirty Tease, and they said I could link to their business.  Learning about blog etiquette, copyrights. So far, a friendly email with various people and businesses has worked.

My husband Mike is quick witted. He can say something “punny” instantly. Me, on the other hand, may smile, and take a “moment” to “get it”. I mentioned I was going to write an article on Portmanteau words, and word play. His mind went to fish…don’t ask. Right away, he says You must be my friend cuz I don’t sea anemone.” He states, “not bad eh.” My response, “Pretty bassad.” Mike, “Barnacle Bill went to support his friend at the special O limpets.” I gave in.  No quick responses.  He quips back, “A duck got stuck in a swamp by the time he got out he was one Gooey Duck.”  Cornball – yes. Did I laugh – yes. Do I love to laugh – yes.

”Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” (H) Mark Twain

”Humour adds life to our days – and it may add days to to our life.” (LL) (author unknown)







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