Follow-up to IQ test, and fried rice?

The results are in! From those who responded. Thank-you, it was meant for fun.

  • Three people indicated they got none right.
  • Three people indicated they got two out of three correct.
  • Two people indicated they answered one correctly.

Four people stated they got all questions correct…one has an alias of pinnocchio ( jist kidding) jealous as related to me…

I took the test, saw the first question and knew 10 cents was incorrect. Too lazy to think I went on to question 2. I immediately got the right answer. Then question 3…okay this is where you get to know me a bit. I knew the answer before seeing the question as I do have psychic capabilities. 47, although when I read the question I got the answer. It took me a while to figure out the first question.

I loved the analogies and process more than the actual questions. Some told me they used visualization, comparing washing machines or imagining friends making spring rolls. One person stated they were “determined” to get all the answers so they worked on the problems until they were solved. Another stated that this test didn’t measure IQ, interesting as they got all questions right.

For myself I think the ability to see the logic afterwards is more important.

Thanks again everyone for participating.

ps …the fried rice photo contains no rice…it is cauliflower “fried rice” product from Trader Joes.

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2 thoughts on “Follow-up to IQ test, and fried rice?

  1. todallychris Post author

    Hi Liisa,
    It is delicious, interesting texture. In the frozen department at Trader Joe’s. Convenient to have, gives me ideas to create my own version. Stay tuned for future recipes!

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