Article: “Offering hope: 17 ways to ‘Give Good’ in 2017 By Linda Dahlstrom and Jessica Conradson/ Starbucks Newsroom

I read this article written by Linda Dahlstrom from Starbucks Newsroom. I found her style of writing is similar to my own. The words, and messaging. Everything resonated with me. I want this connection. This is why I started blogging. My desire to meet inspiring people, and to support businesses (in Starbucks words) that are “Giving Good.”

  • Make a difference
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Anonymous Giving
  • Meaningful Acts
  • Giving
  • Having an impact

Starbucks: 17 more ways you can “Give Good” in 2017 and beyond. Please refer to entire article in the link provided. Article by Linda Dahlstrom, and Jessica Conradson, Starbucks Newsroom.

17 more ways: I have done brief descriptions or quoted from article. S is for Starbucks. C is for Christine Toda.

1. S – Reach Out.

– “Do”, without asking.

2. S – “Invite a friend you haven’t seen for a while for a cup of coffee or tea.”

3. – “Help support individual farmers,…improve lives.”

4. – Visit a local nursing home.

5. S – “Consider becoming a mentor and helping to change another life – and possibly even your own.”

C – Powerful quote.

6. – Let that teacher or someone know – who changed your life.

C – Exactly what I reiterated in last week’s post re the thank-you note.

7. S – Donating to the local food bank.

– I agree, donations of food, monies, or your time.

8. – Homemade bread.

C – Perfect yummy idea…yes please ☺.

9. S – Giving to those less fortunate.

C – Thinking outside yourself.

10. – Taking time for a college student.

11. S – Empathy & Compassion.

C.  – Always

12. S – 😉 Coffee with a Cop

– Retired from the Vancouver Police Department.

13. S – Nature, environment.

14. S – Military

15. S – Refugee family.

C – Currently persuing volunteer gigs in this capacity.

16. S – World’s Aids Day.

17. S – Street Musicians.

C – Joshua Bell experiment. (Amazing…check out YouTube & articles on line)

Stop. Listen. Appreciate.

I deliberately left out detailed descriptions of the ways to give, either summarizing or giving topics only in fairness to the original writers, as this is their story, and is deserving to be read in its entirety.



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