After taking “cookies” to a friend, and having lunch with another friend, congratulating her on her new job. I was on the public bus. I “perceived” the bus driver to be somewhat disheveled, and gruff. My perception was way off…and again I was judgemental. Perhaps my biggest flaw…The driver told quips  at stops. He entertained with a quiet, animated voice. He made me smile, and laugh. I will add a note of gratitude to my journal…and again make myself aware of my judgemental thoughts…and how perspective is huge. I realize everyone’s perspective is their reality including my own. Doesn’t mean it is always right.

Perceive:  Interpret or regard (someone or something) in a particular way. Looks like *fried rice, doesn’t it? Look again…

Perception: The ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.

Perspective: A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Gratitude: The quality of being thank-ful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Saying:  First World Problems

Word of the day:  Callipygian

*One of “my go to” products…from Trader Joes…tell you next time.

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2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Vanessa McLaughlin

    Great story Chris. I have learned a lot over the past year in regards to perception. When I moved to an assisted living facility last March, I realized most of the residents were old enough to be my mother or father. One has a tenancy to perceive that these golden agers are on their “last legs”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. All the new friends I made certainly have a zest for life.

    1. todallychris Post author

      Hi Vanessa,
      Attitude and how we perceive things may be subjective. How we manage our response, is what defines us. Great that you see things the way you do. Show others that joy. It is ultimately the simple joys that we derive pleasure from…being grateful…friends who are with us regardless.

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