Second week

Procrastinating, anything and everything to delay – why? I am still a little uncertain about this path.  It is true that I am continuing to learn. Then I try to manage a new technique for this blog, and find I again cannot figure something out.  For example look at the photo of my disastrous cookie that should have been 20 cookies. I was trying to use the photo as a backdrop.  I obviously couldn’t get the words to display. My attempt to add “shade” to my cookie…as I recently read an article about IQ and dark humour.

I am human…as the Captcha tests reveal.  The creator of same created Duolingo a language app which uses “gamified” sensory learning techniques- it’s free! Fun to learn…

There are lessons to be learned, stories to be told.  I have many articles that I will post. I see myself as a “conduit for information”, sharing from various sources.

I find myself laughing at my absurd technical ability, although friends have me graduating from elementary school. I say to myself I am the dumbest smart person I know.  We have to be able to humour ourselves.



“If you don’t have a sense of humour, you probably don’t have any sense at all.” (H) author unknown

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