Nelu-The journey is the destination, Baile Herculane, Belogradchik Rocks

When traveling, let the journey be the destination.  If you cannot relax, assimilate, and expect the unexpected you may be screwed.

We arrived at Thermae D’Olimpia and were greeted by our host Nelu, wearing only a pair of shorts, and a smile – drink in hand. The music was loud, and a party was happening. It was explained to us that it was a special birthday celebration for Nelu’s son. So we “went with it.” We were given an assortment of free hospitality drinks, our dinner was on the house. 

We had “the best I have ever tasted” cucumber salad.I read another review where someone else said they had the best ever cabbage salad. The cucumbers, fresh, and the Universal seasoning was “Fuching good.”

We joined the party. Met people who had never met a Canadian before.

1. Conversations.
2. Laughter.
3. Delicious food.

Baile Herculane, a population of 5000. Legend has it that Hercules himself stopped here for the baths and rest.

Our balcony looked towards the mountains. One evening we observed a spectacular lightening and thunder storm.

1. Healing waters of the public baths.
2. Backdrop of the Cerna River.
3. Natural beauty surrounds.

Baile Herculane is a beautiful town, much money is required for restoration.

Generosity of Spirit: Nelu offered to drive us to Sophia, Bulgaria. 6 hour straight drive turned into 18 hours of adventure. This day was memorable. Thinking about it makes me smile, and brings tears of joy.

1. We got lost.
2. We had GPS.
3. We drove off the beaten path through fields of tall grass.

You know those days where you laugh so hard it hurts. Where your face hurts from smiling. This was the type of day we had.

1. Nelu our driver.
2. Nelu our tour guide.
3. Nelu our partner in adventure.

I did alot of research, somehow I missed the Belogradchik Rocks, and Magura Caves.

1. Magura Caves, 15 million years old.
2. Symphony concerts held in the caves.
3. Magura winery – yummy wine(s)!

I am a fabulous navigator-NOT! Do we take the high road, or low road?  Left, right? I chose the lower road – wrong yet right! We were lost again, and how fortunate for us, as we stumbled upon the Belogradchik Rocks. They have been declared a Natural Landmark by the Bulgarian Government. They are the only habitat of the critically endangered Bulgarian endemic plant Hieracium Belogradcense.

1. Natural phenomenon.
2. Sophia Opera performances at the fortress.
3. Breathtaking, jaw dropping views.

A magical day.

Meaningful experiences in Baile Herculane:

  • purple skies
  • doves circling
  • butterflies following
  • freshest food
  • laughter
  • friendships
  • opportunities
  • driving with Nelu @ Mario
  • healing waters
  • Nature’s beauty

Thank-you Nelu for offering, and taking us on this journey. We hope to one day explore more of your amazing country. To all of you @ Thermae D’ Olimpia:

Thank-you very much

Hvala vam puno

Domo arigatogozaimashita

Multumesc foarte mult

!Muchas gracias!

* photo of Hieracium Belogradcense property of:

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