3 question intelligence quotient test. Emotional intelligence. Nature vs nurture, or both?

Can You Pass the World’s Shortest IQ Test? Less Than 20 Percent of People Can.

I am cooperative, and competitive. My alias is Rusty (another story). When doing an Emotional Intelligence (EI) test I fair well, when doing an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test…well…

Try this test, 3 brief questions. If you are willing to be vulnerable – share your results. Next week I will give my results.

My friend Kelly has this amazing brain, love how quick-witted she is. She makes me laugh. She has two brilliant sons. Ryan, Director, Canadian Operations at MWH, Global, Stantec. Mark, Royal Academy of Engineering Research, Fellow and Research Scientist. University of Oxford. Why am I mentioning them? It is because of their level of EI. Is it nature or nurture or both?  It should be a reaonable expectation to communicate with compassion. Regardless if you are considered a genius from an IQ test – be humble always. Recall Rex Murphy’s quote from my first post…”Never confuse the uneducated voice with the intelligent voice….”

I was playing a game and I couldn’t figure out how to move the frogs in the required amount of steps. When one of the brothers saw me and approached. I told him what needed to happen. Immediately he was able to solve the task. I was in awe. Their response, and words to me showed no signs of arrogance, Only kindness. They will most likely not remember this incident and what they said to me, but I will never forget.

ps…even after I was.shown how to solve the problem…it still took me a long time to process…ugh… To know our limitations, and realize what comes easy to us may be a “real” challenge for someone else.

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4 thoughts on “3 question intelligence quotient test. Emotional intelligence. Nature vs nurture, or both?

  1. Vanessa McLaughlin

    I didn’t do very well at the iq test. I got only one right which was the bat and ball. Very interesting. Obviously I’m not a genius.

  2. todallychris Post author

    Hello Vanessa,
    Thank-you for participating and taking the time to comment. Hmmm…I have very rarely won a game of scrabble against you. I shall say no more. My results will be posted next Thursday.

  3. Piwa

    I did get all three correct eventually but number 2 took me about 10 mins to think through. I kept feeling like I was missing something. So I waited. And waited. Then I pictured 5 washing machines running at the same time. Ahhhh.

    1. todallychris Post author

      3 correct is awesome! 10 minutes is minimal. I love your analogy. I will share my results and others next week.

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