Wisest Person I ever met in my life (video). Fairness, Integrity, Communication

My friend Ivy sent me this video, “The wisest person I ever met in my life, a third grade dropout.”  Dr. Rick Rigsby inspires…


“Never confuse the uneducated voice with the intelligent voice. As with the intelligent voice, people’s conversation may be clumsy in their manner of speech but you will be amazed with the colour of their speech.”  “Communication is in as much in the tone; the tone of voice registers the flight of communication.  So much more than the stringing of words.”  “Speak always, always in your own voice.” (C)(I)(WS) Rex Murphy. I was attending an International Leadership Conference for policing.  Rex Murphy was a keynote speaker, I heard his words.  I cried.  Those words are powerful.  Many people will miss out on building meaningful relationships and truly getting to know someone because of judgement.

My dad taught me many valuable life lessons – from an early age.  These values have helped me navigate through life.  I get that not all of us have been as fortunate, and that there are those whose value systems may have been distorted.  It is never too late to learn, or re-learn.  “The past does not equal the future.”  (LL) Anthony Robbins

I hear my dad’s words about treating “everyone” the same, regardless of status, age, religion, or ethnicity.  I would watch him interact with people, he was fair to all.  Curious to learn, whether it be from the janitor of the company, or the CEO of the same.  By observing, I “wanted” the same types of meaningful interactions.  May you be fortunate to find, and add some amazing people to your life.

I feel blessed to have an ecletic group of friends, whose age range from teenagers to nonagenarians.  My circle includes:  musicians, doctors, artists, psychologists, clerks, neuroscientists, teachers, students, writers, bloggers, engineers, labourers, retirees, analysts…and…

Education is important.  Yet, there are many wise, intelligent, and learned people who are self-taught.  The good thing is Emotional Intelligence, can be learned.

My dad, because of circumstance, had to drop out of school, and start working when he was 15.  My love of reading, learning, curiosity, and meaning are inspired because of him.

Communication.  Integrity.  Fairness.

”Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”  (I) Ralph Waldo Emerson

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