Looking for signs

I posted 36 practice articles with ease. October 26th approached (live date)…nerves, hesitation.  Delay tactics, anything but real posts.

I needed signs indicating that blogging was something I should do, that I could do. What value do I have to offer people? Who wants to listen to me and why? Doubts.  I asked myself, “Is everything going to be alright?” At this exact moment song playing on the radio, words, “Everything is going to be alright.Second sign.  My friend’s mom recently passed. I saw a clear vision of her, she was smiling at me, nodding her head.  She was wearing this beautiful scarf.  I felt her spirit brush by me.  I told my friend, she said she had placed a scarf with her mom…and kept the same for herself.  Third sign.  It was sunny outside, stood on the balcony and a ladybug landed on my hand, flew away, and again landed on me.  I am ready to open my heart and share the simple joys…∼

ps The signs, serendipity, synchronicity, and coincidence are too numerous to list…I am entertaining myself. 🙂

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