Giving Thanks

Em has made this blog a reality. She is awe-inspiring, selfless, and giving.  I am fortunate, very fortunate to call her my friend.  Countless hours were spent setting up my blog.  We discussed ideas; researched “how to” videos; learned about formatting; fonts; themes; copyrights.  The list is endless. I am constantly learning from her. She guides, coaches, and inspires.

For Em:  “In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.”  (G) Churton Collins

To all my family, and friends I appreciate your ears, your support, and encouragement.  Thank-you all for letting me be me and helping me along this journey. “The more we know, the better we do.” (LL)  Christine Toda

To my husband Michael:  “Thank-you for “getting me, and all my Chrisisms.” 🙂

To my cheerleaders:  Anita #1 fan, Mila, and Milena.  I give my deepest gratitude.

Vanessa:  my constant

Nancy: my loyal friend

Jimmy:  my sounding board

The Magnificent 7:  Darcy, Em, Ivy, Kelly, Sylvia, and Wai Ting.  Thanks for keeping me in trouble, I mean out of trouble!  You guys rock!

To the Toda clan:  Emily, Julie-Anne, Richard, Sarah, and Stan…much love.  Thanks for allowing me to make you laugh until it hurts.

To the new friends whom we met on our travel to Eastern Europe:

Ecaterina: for making me think

Todor: for “todally inspiring” me

Nelu: for being you

Zhinous: for your kind words

Cosmin: for your honest, constructive feedback, and creation of my logo

To Brendan, from Bren on The Road – travel blogger extraordinaire.  It was your blog that caught my attention.  You piqued my interest.  Thank-you for emailing me when I didn’t have social media.  Giving me valuable resource material.  Making yourself available.  I appreciate and thank-you.

Locomotype – My intuition chose your “free font”  Eufoniem which was used in the header.  We searched many fonts, it was your “Note of the author” that grabbed my attention. As seen @

Lifewire @ – This site was tremendously useful.  Gave me the necessary tools to navigate my blog.

WordPress @ – The platform chosen.  Many helpful on-line tutorials

I truly appreciate everything.

ps I am learning about links, deep links, frames…therefore if another site is mentioned, that you want to see, Google it, as I am still learning about HTML coding.

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